Everything coming together for Alex Little & the Suspicious Minds

Music has always been a big part of Alex Little’s life. Growing up she watched her father drum for bands around Vancouver, playing for bands like The Payola$ and the Bughouse Five. She was raised to be comfortable in a rock’n roll crowd. Looking up to her father, she would eventually become a drummer herself, playing in punk bands around Vancouver for many years. During that time she was writing her own material on the side, but was a bit shy about it.

It wasn’t until she met fellow Vancouver rocker Andy Bishop that she started down the path of becoming a front woman. Bishop has been a mainstay of the Vancouver music scene for some time, having played in bands like Twin Rivers, Red Cedar, and White Ash Falls. He and Little happened to work together at the Wallflower when they met.

“It was just a fun thing that we never necessarily saw a future in,” Little recalls. “He was very helpful in getting me going. We went to Long and McQuade and he helped me pick out a guitar because, as a drummer, I knew nothing about guitars. Then we just jammed for awhile and wrote together.”

Soon enough they would be joined on drums by Cody Hiles of The Zolas. Eventually Mike Rosen would join on bass. Rosen just happened to be a regular at the Wallflower when Bishop and Little worked there.

“We jammed for awhile before we had our first show,” Little says. “Like about a year. We wanted to make sure it was solid before we showed everything to the world. I think our first show we only had four songs.”

Not long after, they would record their first EP, which would eventually find its way into the hands of Jonathan Simkin of 604 Records in what ended up being a chance meeting at Little’s place of work. She was waiting tables at La Mezcaleria on Commercial Drive when Simkin came in to get something to eat. It turns out he recognized her from her previous job when she used to work at a Starbucks on Main that he frequented because it was close to his office at the time. He asked her what she had been up to and she mentioned that she was fronting a new band. He asked for a demo and she sent him one that night. They met soon after and Simkin agreed to sign the band to Light Organ Records.

Since then they’ve gone on to release an EP and a new single with Light Organ Records. Regarding the latest release, Little says: “We’re so excited about those new songs. We think they’re quite different than our EP and as a band you definitely mature faster than your songs are showing. That’s just the nature of how it works. By the time your songs come out you’ve already got new stuff. We wanted to show that we had progressed a little bit and also keep everybody excited.”

They’ve done a great job of keeping people engaged. They already have a handful of songs finished in the studio now and are heading back soon to finish their first full length album, which they plan to release in the Spring.