Fool for Love: Theatre with Messy Guts


Spring has sprung. Summer is near. Love is in the air…maybe.

Clockwork Theatre, performing their inaugural production at the Havana Theatre, is putting on Sam Shepard’s “Fool for Love”. The plot revolves around Eddie (Joel Butler) as he tries to convince on-again-off-again lover May (Kaitlin Williams) to abandon the dreary motel she’s been living in to run away with him. The “fools” re-enter their vicious cycle of love/hate, struggling to know what’s right or wrong for their relationship.

10982215_578650038904143_4519973627469096534_oThe play explores the common fault of people failing to let their heart catch up with their head when it comes to love. “This play is about the life cycles that we are all susceptible to. Cycles of love, falling in and out of it,” says Kaitlin over email. An intimate setting, the small Havana Theatre, should prove to be a box of intense emotion for the crowd and the small, four person cast. “If you like your theatre relentless with a lot of messy guts, then this is the show for you. It’s the chance to support a brand new company and emerging artists taking some risks,” Kaitlin adds.

The stage is small with big, heart-wrenching themes. If you’ve been keen on seeing some independent theatre then look no more. Here’s a new company dealing with some great work by Sam Shepard. “This play is intense, intimate and charmingly vicious. It is played relentlessly, without any breaks for the duration of the whole show and the whole cast and crew has worked tirelessly to make it as true to that as possible,” says Joel (Eddie), the play’s leading man.

Opening Wednesday, May 13 until Saturday, May 16, make sure to catch a show to cap off a day on The Drive. Tickets are only $15.  

Thomas Creery

Thomas Creery

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