Foreign Beggars bring cheeky London grime to Vancouver

Foreign Beggars and Greazus at the Cobalt, 11/16/17

Photo courtesy of Salacious Sound

The Cobalt has hosted many a grungy show. Last Thursday (Nov. 16) the Foreign Beggars brought their London grunge and (quite literally) sprayed it all over the decrepit walls of the Cobalt. Fans trickled in, stashed their coats under the foosball tables and cracked open cold, five dollar Good Company beers.

The beer cans shook and drinks started to spill as Greazus opened the set up with their heavy bass set. Greazus is made up of two Vancouver locals, Severin and Patrick. Greazus have been producing, creating and promoting music in Vancouver for the past two decades. They play annually  at Bass Coast and Shambhala. Severin and Patrick both experienced loss in the recent years and that has pushed them to keep performing and creating. It is evident in their music that hardship breeds creativity, strength and unity. Greazus grew up listening to the Foreign Beggars and a lot of their music is inspired by their earlier albums such as Asylum Speakers and Stray Point Agenda.  

Vancouver is often criticized as being a “sleepy” city when it comes to nightlife. The secret is you just have to know where to look. The grunge scene in Vancouver is here and it is rampant. Despite being 7580 KM  away somehow the grimey hiphop sounds of the Foreign Beggars made into from London to Vancouver. Pavan (aka Orifice Vulgatron) got things going the minute he jumped on stage and shouted into the mic “Good Evening Mothafuckas, Vancouver how you fucking feeling right now, we are about to play some U.K rap shit.”

They played a lot of their older stuff like “Contact”  and some newer songs such as “Modus.” This was the Foreign Beggars first time coming to Vancouver and they did it proper. The day they arrived in Vancouver they saw Blade Runner and went out for sushi. It was evident that they love Vancouver and their fans. Foreign Beggars sprayed the crowd with Grey Goose and got the Cobalt shaking like an underground London nightclub.

The band were like cheeky tricksters on stage, sneaking backstage for cigarettes and drinking beers with the fans and they showed Vancouver how to get proper grimey and down-right party. Foreign Beggars showed that grungy hip-hop is very much alive and it’s time to get into a mosh pit and throw some elbows.