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Golden Features shows Vancouver how Aussies like to party

Golden Features with Mychal Ferreira and Nostalgix at Celebritie, 6/7/19

GQ Australia

With a Raptors win on a sunny Friday night, the energy could be felt on the streets of Vancouver and definitely in Celebrities. At first the club felt a little empty with booths filled with Grey Goose sitting untouched. But eventually fans slowly started to trickle in and things started to heat up. Opening DJ’s Mychal Ferreira and Nostalgix got the small crowd going slowly but surely.

Vancouver native DJ Negar Hamidzadeh professionally known as Nostalgyix brought her carefree and fun-loving attitude to her own little hometown show. Hamidzadeh is a UBC dropout who swapped her textbooks for tape decks and exams for headphones.  She delivered an electric performance which exemplified her love of Vancouver.

Leaving fans with only a few minutes to wipe the sweat from their brows, Golden Features (Thomas George Stell) took the stage. Donning his famous gold mask, he wasted no time and got into playing some of the chunkiest beats known to man. The mask that Stell wears gives off the same anonymity as that off DeadMau5. He wants his music to speak for itself and for it to have its own character, thus, he developed Golden Features.

The line between gimmick and performance is often blurred and the mask does feel quite gimmicky (despite it looking kind of cool from time to time). It also begs the question, how can he see out of the tiny eyeholes? Truly perplexing.   

Stell smashed out track after track. Some of the highlights were “Worship,” “Do You,” “Guillotine” and “Meditate.” He played a heavy remix of “Do You” followed by a remix of “Falls” by Odesza. Stell has the ability to completely transform the songs he remixes into something completely different but keeps the heart of the original song. Fans were lost in a trance as each track flowed seamlessly into the next.

Celebrities still felt a little empty considering it was a Friday night. The show was announced very short notice and he had just played a show in Whistler so it is likely that fans had made the exodus to see him in Whis-tralia. Despite the lack of crowds, Stell still delivered a deep and heavy show.