Goorin Bros. Hat Shop Sells Style Not Fashion

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The perfect hat completes an outfit. Unlike other articles of classy clothing, the hat chooses the wearer and not the other way around. A well-fitted hat can transform anyone into the most desired person in the room or, just as easily, the wrong hat can make you seem like the least fitted person in the room. There’s no middle ground with a hat. The statement is bold. It takes confidence, an air of suave and a splash of class, to really make a hat stand out. A hat isn’t just a piece of clothing; it’s a frame of mind.  For those searching for their “inner hat”, Goorin Bros. Hat Shop in Yaletown is the perfect stop to shop.

Looking like the inside of a tub of moustache wax, Goorin Bros. offers everything a gentleman (and a lady) would want to accessorize any outfit. Hats and accessories line the walls, shelves and desks. No moustache wax available, however. Turn of the century furniture placed neatly throughout the store mimics the feel of the basement that may have belonged to an unmet great-grandfather. It’s familiar, but you’re not sure why. Feathers, pins, bands, scarves, gloves, toques, and anything deemed necessary to come off as calm, cool, collected are thrown into trunks or kept neatly in boxes and bowls. This store is high-class at a moderate price and worthy of fictionalized clientele such as James Bond or The Most Interesting Man in the World.

But, what makes this hat shop stand out is the closeness of the staff and their genuine passion for timeless fashion. A family feel between staff members, new and old, translates to a comfortable, relaxed environment for shoppers. With no hesitance to throw events, such as Saturday’s Twist and Shout Ice Cream Social (featuring Debra Jean, Rugcutter Jazz Band), Goorin Bros. opens its doors to the public to enjoy free drinks, music, and even little tubs of cotton candy. Strangers wandering the streets were pulled into the shop with the sounds of jazz and the clinking of glasses (they were plastic, but we can pretend).

Goorin Bros. has an atmosphere that is comfortably classy without the pretentiousness. The staff won’t hesitate to tell you a hat looks bad on your head. This shop is for those who enjoy the simple things in life, but do it with style. This shop encourages style, not fashion, because “style” is timeless. Hats are forever as long as style prevails, and Goorin Bros. is doing it right. Everyone wants to look good in a hat, all it takes is the right fit. Take a stroll down to Goorin Bros. and let the staff in Yaletown help you be timeless.

Goorin Bros. Hat Shop is located at 1188 Hamilton Street.


Goorin Bros. Hat Shop
Goorin Bros. staff


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