Gordon Smith – Walk Away

Gordon Smith has experienced his share of hardship but he is still alive to sing about it.  The Nova Scotia born songwriter recalls some of the darkest moments imaginable in his tales of struggle and loss.  Gordon left his farm life early, dropping out of school, working and playing music all across Canada and The United States. Smith has almost died several times as a result of car accidents and has broken nearly every bone in his body, ripped apart his right lung and spent 18 months recovering in a hospital.

“I have lost almost all of my old friends to suicide, drinking or drugs, although my biggest loss was finding my father dead two days before my 20th birthday.  So pretty much all of my songs are written about true events, mostly tragedies that have happened to myself, my friends and family, and a lot about my father.”
You can find Gordon Smith also leading his 8-piece lonesome country band Percheron as well as heavier acts like Rotting Hills, Cooked & Eaten, and Tobeatic.