Great Track by Leagues Just in Time for Weekend: ‘New Money’


Nashville rock natives Leagues, share the latest track off their forthcoming new album ‘Alone Together’. The new track title ‘New Money’ is a blend of pop/rock and r&b influence with a down and dirty groove that really gives way to a strong vocal melody ripe for summer.  

In a recent interview, Thad Cockrell said, “Growing up in a middle-class family and living the under the poverty line for most of my adult life while trying to make it as an artist has been an interesting journey. I have always felt the gap between ‘The Haves and the Have Nots’. I have also watched the ship sail until completely out of view. The truth is, most of us will never know what it’s like to be wealthy, nor are the rich ever going to just give up their money. So Jeremy and I thought, what would it look like for us to create a ‘new economy’? Let’s rob the bank, break into the vaults and allow people to take as much as they want. From that idea, we came up with “meaning is the new money”. To us, it feels like a beautiful form of rebellion. You can take the old, we’ll take the “new money”.  

Check out New Money here: