GRiZ turns a rainy Vancouver night into an electronic dance party

GRiZ, OPIUO and Big Wild at the PNE Forum, 10/20/2017

BIg Wild @ P.N.E.
Photo by Ryan Johnson

The leaves are changing, the rain is pouring and the grisly Vancouver winter is almost here. But for one night at the PNE Forum, summer was back and hotter than ever. OPIUO, Big Wild and GRiZ took their Good Will Continue Tour to Vancouver and it was the party of the year. The night started off with New Zealand’s own OPIUO. Oscar Davey-Wraight (OPIUO) was touring his newest album, Omniversal which was released this June. OPIUO’s sound is ever changing and follows no rules. The same goes for his shows. Featuring heavy bass and trippy visuals, OPIUO had the whole PNE Forum shaking.

Dedicated fans continued to pour into the venue dressed in full festival gear. People were dressed in animal costumes, glow in the dark spandex and glitter from head to toe. The scene looked more like a snapshot of Shambhala or Coachella than a night at the PNE.   

Leaving fans with only a few minutes to wipe the sweat from their brow, Big Wild (Jackson Stell) took the stage. Big Wild started his set off with “I Just Wanna” and from there he played hit after hit. Big Wild started putting out music about five years ago but he has been making music for a long time. He has been experimenting with different sounds and styles since he was 14 years old. Stell got his name “Big Wild” after taking a trip to Big Sur and falling in love with the majesty of the wild in California.

Photo by Ryan Johnson

Big Wild puts on a ferocious yet enchanting show. He looked nothing but wild with his long hair whipping around his face and sweat beading down his neck. He seamlessly moves from mixing to playing the drums. One of the highlights was when he played “Aftergold” and the audience just exploded with energy. Big Wild could feel the love from the Vancouver fans and paused for a minute to yell “Vancouver we feel so good right now”. He then jumped off the stage and ran into the crowd. Big Wild played almost the entirety of his EP, Invincible, which was released this past February. He ended the night with “When I Get There”.

Smoke and lights filled the stage, then a figure stood with his back to the crowd – two drum beats and GRiZ jumped around to face his screaming fans. GRiZ is currently showcasing his newest album Good Will Prevail (2016). His latest album features a much funkier sound and he brought that funk to Vancouver. The crowd had their glow sticks out, drinks in the air and bodies grooving to his sax solos. He played a lot from his new album such as “My Friends and I” as well as new stuff like his Kendrick Lamar “Humble” sample. The LED screens behind GRiZ featured colourful graphics and visuals. “ LOVE IS LOVE” flashed on the screen and that was definitely the feeling that the audience left with. The night ended with an epic, sweaty dance party, giving everyone one last taste of those endless, hot summer nights.

Big Wild @ P.N.E.
Photo by Ryan Johnson