Hot Chip DJs bring a new sound to Vancouver

Hot Chip DJ set at Fortune Sound Club 11/23/17

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From across the pond and deep in the heart of London come Hot Chip. Fans of the group trickled in and started to fill Fortune Sound Club on Thursday night (Nov. 23). Leaving the band back in the UK, Hot Chip brought their DJ set to Vancouver and turned a dreary grey night into a sweaty dance party.

Despite their  first album coming out 17 years ago, their music is still relevant and they are constantly reinventing themselves. The advancements of indie electronica/ synth-pop can be tracked by following Hot Chip’s discography. Their DJ set was very different from what most fans were used to. A new Hot Chip has emerged, focusing on heavier bass lines and more house than their old synth-pop style. At first fans were skeptical of this new sound from Hot Chip but as the gin and tonics started flowing everyone started to get down with the Hot Chip version 2.0.  

Synth-pop originated in the U.K and Japan in the 1970’s and this history is prevalent in the earlier Hot Chip albums. They have since stepped back from their traditional Brit synth pop sounds and in their newer albums a more international collaborative sound has emerged. Hot Chip frequently divides and conquers. Most members of the band have gone off in a different direction and pursued their own solo acts. Al Doyle (guitarist) has played guitar with LCD Soundsystem and Alexis Taylor (vocals, synth) put out a bluesy solo album in 2008. Collaborating and experimenting with solo material has allowed Hot Chip to continue transitioning and creating new sounds.

With five albums and a grammy nomination, Hot Chip have been industry leaders in the indie electronic scene for more than a decade. This long history and musical career is not something that is seen in Canada’s indie electronic genre. B.C. is a hub for large electronic festivals such as Shambhala and Bass Coast but the Vancouver indie electronica music scene is still relatively small.

Fans left Fortune feeling somewhat mystified with the show they had seen. Hot Chip only played a few songs off their older albums and the rest was a new reinvented sound. It is an exciting time for Hot Chip and for the synth pop revolution – they continue to push the boundaries of genres and mix different musical palettes to create a sound that is uniquely theirs.