INTERVIEW: Indie-pop trio LANY talks tour life

Vancouver Weekly speaks with band LANY during new tour

Photo by Catie Laffoon

Indie-pop band LANY is taking the world by storm following the June release of their debut album, LANY. Hits like “ILYSB,” “WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS” and “Super Far” earned a name for the American trio, who first got together in 2014.

Now on The LANY Tour, band members Paul Klein, Jake Goss and Les Priest took some time to chat with Vancouver Weekly about snacks on tour, pre-show routines and what’s next for LANY.

Vancouver Weekly: How’s The LANY Tour going?

Paul Klein: It’s been really amazing. I think the last 23 shows have all been sold out, so it’s been really, really rewarding.

VW: What has been a highlight of the tour so far?

PK: Vegas was really good last night. It’s a town that we haven’t played too much. One time we went…played maybe just like two years ago. We were a support act for another band and we played outside of a venue on a stage probably at 11 p.m. It was so late and so weird. There were like 20 people there. And to come back and play a sold-out room of 750 people…that was really cool.

VW: Are there any must-have items or foods on tour?

Jake Goss: Peanut butter, always.

PK: Obviously potato chips.

LP: Toothpaste, toothbrush. You know, that can change everything. Just brushing your teeth really quick when you get up off the bus. And as far as food goes, pizza is always nice after a show.

JG: Clean undies.

VW: Yeah, brushing your teeth can turn a day around. It sounds a little dramatic, but I think it’s true.

JG: Absolutely. That and a shower changes everything.

VW: On your days off from touring, what do you guys like to do? What is your ideal day off?

JG: My favourite days off are a movie and writing a little music and just hangin’. Takin’ it easy.

PK: My perfect scenario would be…it’s a really bright sunny day and there is a pool at a hotel somewhere you can just, like, chill at.

JG: We love the pool.

VW: What are your favourite songs to perform?

PK: I really enjoy playing a song called “Flowers on the Floor” and I really enjoy playing a song called “The Breakup.”

LP: I always used to say “Forever” and I still really love to play that song. But I think I’m with Paul. I love playing “The Breakup” and “Hurts” as well.   

JG: Ooh yeah, that’s a good one. I also love playing a song called “Purple Teeth” because for me drum-wise, it’s maybe the most challenging because it’s got some funky little gadgets going on that I really want to master every night. So it’s a fun challenge and I always look forward to it.

VW: How do you guys get ready for a show? Any good luck pre-show routines?

JG: I warm up for a little bit, just get my hands ready for the drums and we kind of huddle up. It’s always good right before we walk out and are just racking each other up. That’s always a good sign.

PK: I always kind of wet down my hair. I don’t know why, but I’ve always done it since we first started playing. So I always wet down my hair, get refreshed and cooled off and then get ready to step on stage and just crush it.

VW: Are there any bands you are looking to for your next album that really inspire you?

PK: Not really to be honest. Most recently I just feel like there isn’t anybody for us to look to. I mean you know, you’ve got bands like Coldplay who’ve been around forever and continue to stay true to who they are pretty much.

JG: And, like, the weight of their songs. The weight lyrically and how many people they reach. It’s really inspiring.

PK: I do think we are kind of in our own world at the moment. We kind of have a lane to ourselves. But I think the goal is to just continue to reach more and more people, and even respecting the power of radio and what that could potentially bring to this band, the rooms that it could get us in and the fanbase it could help us build, just kind of keeping these things in mind as we get onto album two.

VW: What is next for LANY? Where do you see yourself going in the near future?

PK: It’s going to be a lot of touring. We will play 135 shows this year. We did 117 last year. January and February we have off for writing and getting all the initial moving parts moving for the songs. We will go back on the road from March to the first part of August, and then August through December we are totally not touring – not doing anything but making album two. And if everything goes according to plan, album two comes out April 2019.

VW: And finally, pick a word or two to describe each other.

LP: Legendary for both.  

PK: Just really talented and really hard working.

JG: I would say gifted for both of my boys. I think that they have been blessed with gifts that I don’t even know they have. I think it’s pretty incredible.

LANY will perform in Vancouver at the Vogue Theatre Nov. 9.