Interview part 2: Bison’s James Farwell talks not wanting to be Lemmy, getting signed then dumped by Metal Blade, and weeding out the idiots

VW: Dan’s enjoying Squamish?

JF: Oh yeah. So, hopefully that can happen. I mean, hopefully, I’d like to live on just a… something modest. Have some land. Grow things. Have a place where I can really enjoy my family, the other half of what I really love. That becomes important. The older you get, you get to a point where you’re like, “Oh, so I’m 42…” A couple years ago, I meet my old lady… She’s a cool chick. We’re like-minded. She’s interested in having a kid. I’m like, “I… want that.” Also, I don’t wanna be like… 50, and have a toddler, y’know what I mean? [Laughs] I mean, I can… but good god, I don’t wanna do that. It’s always surprising how life will change, throw you opportunities that are just like, slaps in the face where you’re like, “Wow… I thought I knew it all, man.” I thought I knew it all, but I didn’t know anything! That’s almost the scary part. That’s why I’m so scared for other people who say things like, “I’m never gonna have kids!” and just write it off completely. “I’m never gonna have kids. I’m never gonna settle down. Rock ‘n’ roll for life!” Like old men… I look at Lemmy and that’s amazing, it looks fantastic, and I sat beside him at the Rainbow Room and just… basked a little bit. But like, really? Crystal meth just keeps you this way? It’s just… I don’t know, I guess! I haven’t done enough, apparently. [Laughs] But, at the same time, to me, ultimately when I look at that, that’s lonely. He’s… alone. He has a world of adoring fans, but if you know anything about adoring fans, is they’re amazing and we can’t get by without them, but it’s not something your wife or son can give you, y’know what I mean?

VW: And at the end, fickle. Like, in a fanbase, there are hardcores, but…

JF: And, not to be crass or anything, but, y’know, you’re on tour and like, pretty girl talks to you at the end of the show, and it’s really nice, and it’s flattering, and blah blah blah, but it’s just not the same as… knowing somebody’s gonna be there the day that you finally… uh, y’know, have stomach cancer and you’re in the hospital. Like, that’s… things take over. Priorities change. Sorry, I don’t mean to be such a bummer. [Laughs] It’s un-rock ‘n’ roll!

VW: No, no, but it’s the whole… the band is a part of your life, the band is not your life.

JF: Exactly.

VW: And maybe it was more when you were younger, but now you’ve discovered other parts of your life.

JF: Absolutely. And it’s important, I think. Because, those other parts of your life make the band part of your life even more special. Now, when I get out and I see those dudes, and we’re writing music, and we’re jamming, and we’re performing, shows we’re gonna play… it’s just… amazing. It’s great.

VW: I first heard about you guys through

JF: … The PRP…

VW: Yeah. This little… one guy mans it. He’s manned it for probably 15 years now, if not longer, just reviews and news, and he did a review of Quiet Earth. And at that time, I was just, well, I still kind of do, just consume anything, dabble, and if it’s not good, put that shit aside and keep on rolling. I really grabbed onto that, and since then, it was… you know, then you guys played Dekcuf [in Ottawa] soon after, and like, “Fuck it! All right, I’m a lifer!”

JF: Oh, nice! Excellent.

VW: I mean, from Quiet Earth… I mean, never mind Quiet Earth, but I mean, from even Earthbound… not sure I know what I’m getting at… I think, if anybody… you elaborate well the point that Bison is being who Bison is being, and whoever gets attracted to that, great. Whoever doesn’t, great. It does seem like it’s translated well. Even, I like 3 Inches of Blood, but when I saw the [November] show announced, I was like, “Cool, Bison’s playing.”

JF: [Laughs]