It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what coffee you drink that defines you

Coffee Cup
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Gone are the days where coffee consisted of beans brewed with hot water. Reading the menu at a coffee shop in today’s world can not only be mind-boggling and time-consuming but it has also created a universe of coffee aficionados. From those who simply need to have their morning caffeine fix to those who care more for a social afternoon full of instagrammable drinks, here is what your coffee choice reveals about you:

Black coffee

You are a go-getter. You have no time to announce a plethora of adjectives when ordering your coffee so you settle for a solid drip coffee. You want to absorb a basic caffeine fix to be able to move on with the day.

Shot of Espresso (x 2)

You are hardcore. You thrive on only two hours of sleep and become alive with your double shot of espresso in the morning. You manage. You are organized and you are the boss of your world. You are there to seize the day and take care of business.


You are calm and collected. You enjoy a beautifully foamed coffee complete with latte art and can spend hours in a coffee shop reading a romance novel. The latte milk makes you warm and fuzzy inside while the espresso keeps you motivated to continue being enthralled in your romance.  

Pumpkin Spice Latte

You are basic. You wrap yourself in an oversized jacket with fuzzy boots and brave the outdoor elements to capture the true elements of autumn. It doesn’t matter that a pumpkin spice latte most likely has double the amount of your suggested daily calorie intake, because you probably don’t even drink it anyway. You are there to experience the change in seasons and let the world know you are too.

Karina Pangilinan

Karina Pangilinan

Karina is a CPA and foodie with a unicorn spirit animal. You can find her hiking on one of Vancouver’s beautiful trails, running along the seawall or teaching piano to aspiring musicians.