Johnny de Courcy announces ‘The Master Manipulator EP’, shares title-track

Johnny de Courcy is leaving Vancouver. For good? No one knows. But before he fully transitions into life in Montreal, he’s bestowing a gift upon us, a new EP entitled The Master Manipulator. That’s the title-track and album art above.

From Garage Band to the shed studio behind the Lido, where Dada Plan mastermind Malcolm Biddle recorded the EP last January, what began as a joke-track for karaoke has become Johnny de Courcy’s most daring and distinct song yet. “… i didnt want to play the guitar anymore and… i wanted to have some fun and dance,” he said in a Facebook post announcing the song. And his intent is clear: “Master Manipulator” is a cool, keyboard-driven groove that welcomes a saxophone into his repertoire for the first time.

The Master Manipulator delves deeper into the “freakier side” of de Courcy’s previous album, Alien Lake, according to a press release. It’s quite possible that his fractured portrait on the EP’s cover refers to Alien Lake‘s concept of expressing the multiple facets of his personality. And maybe once again featuring himself prominently on the cover, in black and white, also ties the EP in with the album. Or these similarities could just be shallow coincidences.

No release date has been announced, but “Master Manipulator” is available for free download on Bandcamp.

Montreal is lucky to have Johnny de Courcy… for the time being…(?) Friends in the east, treasure him while you can.

Leslie Ken Chu

Leslie Ken Chu