King Krule Already Among the Stars

The freestyle before “The Krockadile” was excellent, watching his spit glistening in a spot as he verbally accosted us with his lyrical brilliance. Get on Google and check out this man’s poetry, nineteen going on thirty. In “Lizard State”, he wretches your heart with lyrics like, “Well I’ve got myself trapped in the black of your heart / And now I’m going to fuck things over cause that’s a start / Well if I can’t have her then no one can.”

This crowd was well versed in “Easy Easy”, a song reminiscent of Billy Bragg’s “A New England”. I love seeing a musician who can not only perform an album impeccably, but slay it. He called us to church and we worshiped him in droves. Just like Presley in Creole, he crooned the crowd in a classy and seductive advance.

A strong cheer had him back for an encore in less than a minute with all members expressionless and dripping in sweat. These young bucks giving no tell whether they wanted to be pleasuring this crowd with an encore. He began the last song saying, “This song is “Portrait in Black and Blue”.“Out Getting Ribs” was a lesson in funk. The bass solo in this jam was hearty beef burger soup – weighty and complex, a brilliant finish. With all the wherewithal of seasoned veterans, they nailed this last song and sent us into the night.

Intelligent lyrics, stark showmanship and a stalemate bone-chilling stage presence made this performance impeccable. Unreal how Krule has deservedly forged his way into the industry, and everything he has achieved, all before his twentieth birthday. Most musicians don’t even come close to seeing this in an entire lifetime. What a pleasure it will be to watch this teenager reap throngs of well earned fame. I beckon the next record come quick.