Lamb of God gives back in the face of death

Source: Altpress
Source: Altpress

D. Randall Blythe and his Lamb of God cohorts are giving back, and opening some eyes–or rather ears–in the process.

Released on November 18th was a five song E.P. entitled The Duke and produced by the quintet out of Richmond, Virginia.

Named after Wayne Ford–who in turn was named after The Duke himself, John Wayne–Lamb of God are raising money towards the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in the name of the late Ford.

The Phoenix resident Wayne Ford was a fan-turned-friend who had the opportunity to meet the LoG frontman a few years back. When Blythe received word that Ford was suffering from the dreadful Leukemia and was not to survive he reconnected with his friend and subsequently began to champion the cause to fight the disease.

On November 8th the band launched an online charity campaign through and are contributing various autographed items, limited edition T-Shirts and hand written lyrics to those willing to contribute. Each donation of at least $5 will result in that person’s name being entered into a draw for singer Randy Blythe’s Gold Record Plaque of Lamb of God’s 2004 album Ashes of the Wake

Creating even more buzz towards the campaign is Blythe’s crystal clean vocal delivery on much of “The Duke” track. Blythe, actually singing off the top of the “The Duke” caused a double check to ensure that the track penned in the name of the front man’s fallen friend did not involve a union with Mudvayne / HellYeah vocalist Chad Gray.

Typically known for his low growl turned banshee shriek on the microphone, Blythe can be credited as ‘singer’ (as opposed to ‘vocalist’) for perhaps the first time in the band’s 18 year run.

The Burn The Priest turned Lamb of God voice on the mic is not the only one exploring new avenues on the titular track. The band as a whole takes aim at a somber, more hard rock mood that is of course overshadowed by the clean vocals.

No need to double check as we did, “The Duke” is all Lamb of God and not a bizarro Lamb of God / Disturbed cross-over act. The Duke EP is rounded out with a previously unreleased song titled “The Culling”, and three live tracks “Still Echos”, “512” and “Engage The Fear Machine”.