Liberal exec in B.C. steps down over federal candidate’s nomination kerfuffle

VANCOUVER – A longtime Liberal party executive has resigned over what he calls an unfathomable move to block a two-time former candidate from running in British Columbia.

Mike Hillman has stepped down as membership chairman for B.C. after the party’s decision to block Wendy Yuan from running as a Liberal candidate in the new riding of Steveston-Richmond East.

Hillman says he can’t understand how the party could treat someone with such disregard, especially after Yuan’s hard work registering thousands of new members.

Yuan has run for the Liberals in Vancouver in the past two federal elections, but came up short both times against the NDP.

Hillman has been involved with the Liberals for nearly five decades and has served in various leadership capacities, including two terms as the party’s national vice-president for English.

He says he is still a party member and will remain involved in Liberal election campaigns in other ridings.