The Lovers Cabaret Presents: Mistresses – The Encore

Photos by Tong Guan of Do What U Luv Movement
Photos by Tong Guan of Do What U Luv Movement

When I asked my plus one if she wanted to see a burlesque show, she quickly, and excitedly, responded in the affirmative.  Unlike me, she had seen burlesque shows in the past and we were both excited to see what The Lovers Cabaret had in store for us on Saturday night. My plus one went all out for the event, donning a black corset and skirt complemented by a pair of Betsy Johnson heels and bright red lipstick that put my ensemble to shame.

The Fox Cabaret was the perfect venue for Mistresses. The small, but adequately sized venue, along with the décor (painted red and black walls added to a “lovers” feel) facilitated an intimate vibe I think people come to expect when going to a burlesque show. Everyone on staff at the Fox Cabaret, especially our server Kiri (so delightful!), were beyond helpful and welcoming but the most welcoming person last night was Mistresses producer Vanessa Young. The talented producer, dancer and creator of The Lovers Cabaret made a point to not only introduce herself to us but also made herself available to other patrons and fans.

Mistresses tells the story of, well, mistresses and how the predicament of being a “mistress” can unfold. Using contemporary musical artists, such as Banks and Miguel, the talented and very athletic dancers, weave together a story of love, lust, betrayal and eventually content. The first half of the show sets up the premise of how one can unexpectedly find themselves embroiled in a mistress-type situation but doesn’t burden the audience with some sort of moral tale of how this is “wrong” or “right”. Mistresses simply shows the viewers that this type of thing happens and exposes the emotional toll it can cause the parties involved, particularly the “mistress”.

The show was, obviously, flirty and sexy but was also quite sexually suggestive which I am sure pleased many of the male members of the audience. Between the main story, each of the dancers had a chance to showcase their talent with a solo performance. The highlight for me was Portia Favro’s “happy birthday” dance for her boyfriend. Favro, as well as all performers, is undeniably sexy and seductive when on stage but during her solo performance she was mesmerising. A nod to “old school” burlesque, Favro teased the target of her affection, as well as the audience, with her suggestive dancing. At a particularly racy part, I cheered and applauded loudly, much to the amusement of my plus one. Young stated that she hand-picked particular dancers for this show not only because of the content but also because she wanted to ensure they were capable of partaking in the main show and be able to execute a solid solo performance. Well, mission accomplished. Every solo performance was a testament to the athletic ability possessed by all the Mistresses dancers.

There is always something going on with the Lovers Cabaret, including new shows in November, so check their website or their Facebook page for performance updates.

MistressesThe Encore was an extremely fun and sexy way to spend a Saturday night.