MØ comes into her own at the Commodore Ballroom

MØ and LPX at the Commodore Ballroom, 1/30/19

Photos by Sharon Steele

Danish electropop artist MØ took the stage at the Commodore Ballroom Wednesday night with a dynamic and versatile performance.

While fans were looking forward to an opening set from hip-hop drag queen Mykki Blanco, who dropped out for unspecified reasons, MS MR vocalist turned solo act LPX did a great job filling in.

LPX’s solo work is a lot more rock-oriented than MS MR’s dreampop sound, and the crowd seemed initially surprised by her blaring power chords and vocal strength. At the same time, she was a fitting opener since the raspy, emotive rock edge in MØ’s voice is so distinctive – even if the music behind her is more fit for the dancefloor.

Photos by Sharon Steele

MØ strode onto the stage bathed in purple light. After opening with the somber album-spanning motif “Purple Like the Summer Rain” she immediately dropped into its most energetic song, “Imaginary Friend,” the punchy synth chords letting the crowd know that a lot of dancing would be in order.

Her band came complete with a man standing at a heavy-duty soundboard and sampler, actually playing and mixing the synth instrumentals live rather than simply playing a backing track. It was an impressive change of pace.

During standout “I Want You,” the power of those instrumentals was emphasized early. The room flashed white every time it dropped into the dance breakdown, illuminating the raised arms of the excited fans.

As a purple balloon was tossed around during the song, MØ did a big swinging kick and impressively connected to return it to the audience when it neared the stage.

Continuing to perform the entirety of her latest project Forever Neverland, MØ jumped off the stage during “Red Wine” and walked past the crowd to a tiny stage at the back that nobody had realized was there.

Defiantly dumping her own glass of red wine on the ground at the end of the song, she remained on the stage for emotional ballad “Trying to Be Good” before walking directly through the crowd accompanied by a security guard. Singing “Nostalgia,” she took her time walking around to greet people.

Photos by Sharon Steele

Every time MØ dropped into her big singles like “Kamikaze” and “Sun in Our Eyes” the crowd screamed, instantly recognizing the first few chords. The latter, produced by Diplo, is such a triumphant, summery pop track that was needed to close out a January.

In a segment later in the show, MØ performed the tracks “Beautiful Wreck” and “Blur” back-to-back. Both songs utilize the innovative Prismizer vocal manipulation program, as the soundboard guy distorted his own voice to back her up.

MØ ran through a selection of her best tracks near the end of the show – the cathartic power ballad “Mercy,” sassy Charli XCX collaboration “If It’s Over” and the synthbass-heavy, dancehall inspired “Way Down,” but this was all leading up to main set closer “Lean On.”

Photos by Sharon Steele

Another collaboration with Diplo’s Major Lazer project and one of a select few songs to hit a billion streams on Spotify, the track kicked the crowd into another gear, as they all spread out to find their own place to dance in the wider venue space of the Commodore.

Coming back out for the encore, she started from the small stage and walked through the crowd once more before fittingly closing with “Final Song” and finishing with a good old-fashioned crowd surf.

Keeping people engaged for nearly an hour and a half, MØ certainly proved that she’s a lot more than the girl from the big-name EDM features.