Mom saves the day for Blind Pilot show at The Imperial

Blind Pilot and Horse Feathers at the Imperial 7/20/18

Blind Pilot started their maiden voyage to Canada with visions of poutine and dreams of caesars. These dreams were almost shattered at the border. Frontman Isreal Nebeker did the passport check, patted down his pockets and then the “oh shit, where is my passport” panic struck.  Passport-less and at the border, the stress levels reached an all-time high.

So who do you call when you are in a pinch? Your Mom. No matter if you are eight years old or 38, your Mom will always be there to save you. So Nebeker’s mom got the passport, and  drove it to Horse Feathers who continued the last of the passport relay to the border and into Nebeker’s sweaty paws.

The whole passport kerfuffle changed up the order of the night, and both bands performed what could be called an “Oreo” set. Throwing everyone a curve ball, the set started off with the headliner. It’s 2018 guys, anything can happen! Blind Pilot’s first set was the album that got it all started, 3 Rounds and a Sound. They ended the first set with the title track, “3 Rounds and a Sound.” 

Nebeker talked about how they all met (all of it very serendipitous). He bumped into some members at bus stops, some at cafes, and they have all come together to create one of the greatest bands coming out of Oregon. Oh- and they did a full tour ON THEIR BIKES! Special kudos to the double bass player, that must have been a beast to lug around.  

Then came the sweet, middle part the Oreo, and Horse Feathers came on stage (is this analogy is getting a bit weird? Yes-perhaps it is). This five piece band from Portland is currently touring their latest album Appreciation. The full, deep, Appalachian folk sounds of this album hummed through the Imperial and everyone was transfixed. They ended their set with “Curs of Weeds” and it was one of those “this is what living is all about” moments. Just as I thought the night could not get any better I looked to my right to see the one and only Dan Mangan casually drinking beer a beside me. I died and went to folk heaven.

To finish the evening off (and the last layer of the Oreo), Blind Pilot came back on stage and played another whole set. 

“I didn’t expect this song to be as popular as it is and I had to call the girl who it’s about to say sorry,” said Nebeker. 

Feeling giddy with the good energy from the show, fans trickled out and into the hot summer night. The whole evening was pure and simple magic. From bands helping bands, moms saving the day, and hearing the greatest sounds of Oregon, it was truly incredible.