Nick Murphy (Chet Faker) hypnotizes fans at The Vogue Theatre

Nick Murphy (Chet Faker) with Heathered Pearls & Charlotte Cardin at Vogue Theatre, 11/9/17

Photo courtesy of Pitchfork.
Photo courtesy of Pitchfork.

Nick Murphy (formerly known as Chet Faker) wrapped up the Thanksgiving long weekend on Monday (Oct. 9) at the Vogue Theatre. The sold-out audience sat with baited breath for Nick Murphy and his two openers, Heathered Pearls and Charlotte Cardin. Heathered Pearl’s hypnotic mixes set the night off to an electric start. Following this, Charlotte Cardin took the stage and the audience instantly melted at her rich, silky voice and electro jazz ballads. The now transfixed crowd waited for their favourite Australian to take the stage.

After a quick set change, the stage featured a wooden piano centre-stage. Nick Murphy took one set step onstage and there was a surge of energy and a pulse that raced through the heart of each audience member. This is Murphy’s first tour since dropping the “Chet Faker” visage and going by his birth name. 

Murphy knew that the crowd would be expecting some old Chet Faker so he started off by saying, “I’m going to play you some old shit and some new shit.” Murphy started the set off with a crowd favourite, “Gold”, which got everyone feeling oh so soulful. The rest of the set was a mix of old Chet Faker and songs from Murphy’s new EP, Missing Link ( his first EP release since using his birth name). His newer songs feature the same velvety R&B tones as Thinking in Textures and Built on Glass but with an edgier almost garage feel. The old school R&B vibes emanated from Murphy’s performance. He wore a classic button-up white shirt with a blazer and looked like an absolute heart throb as he played his swoon-worthy “1998”.  The energy of the show was intensified with the lighting that added more of an electronica feel to the performance.  

Murphy and the whole band delivered a very tight and energetic performance featuring sax solos and funky keyboard riffs. There was a theme of change and going back to basics in the show. It was an interesting mix of Murphy wanting to disassociate himself from the Chet Faker name while the fans still clung to the old and familiar Chet.

Although Murphy delivered a different sound than what fans were used to, by the end of the show the audience had embraced the change from Chet Faker to Nick Murphy. The moment of truth was the encore, the thought on every fan’s mind was “ will he play ‘No Diggity?’ Murphy walked back onstage and started to play a brand new song and fans quickly erupted and started yelling, “play ‘No Diggity’!”. Murphy stopped playing, looked at the crowd and said, “you have one of two options, you can either hear a brand new song that no one has ever heard before or you can hear a song that has been out for 15 years.” The audience said “No” to “No Diggity” and Murphy and his sax player performed a new song they had been working on. The night ended with a hauntingly beautiful sax and piano duo which left the audience hypnotized. Murphy showed his Vancouver fans that change is good and there are exciting new things to expect from Nick Murphy and his band.