Nickelback ends Feed the Machine tour with outstanding performance

Nickelback with Cheap Trick & Shaman’s Harvest at Rogers Arena, 1/10/17

Nickelback @ Rogers
Photo by Ryan Johnson

Nickelback released their latest album Feed the Machine in June and—after a summer of touring North America—ended their time on the road with one last stop, Vancouver.

The night started out with Shaman’s Harvest, an American rock band from Missouri, but it didn’t quite light up until Cheap Trick took the stage and played some of their classics like “In the Street” and “I Want You to Want Me”. After a good mix of old and new songs, they left the stage and the warm cheering crowd.

It took Nickelback some time to come on stage, but when they finally did, ecstasy took over Rogers Arena. They started the night with one of their new singles, “Feed the Machine”, followed by “Woke Up This Morning”. When the music stopped, Nickelback’s frontman Chad Kroeger exclaimed, “This is it. We made it. We’re here”, in a clear reference to Vancouver being the last stop of an exhausting tour. Kroeger would later delve deeper into this thought by saying “this day on the calendar…it’s been a big goddam happy face”.

After a couple of jokes, Kroeger gave away their next song—one that got everyone singing—“Photograph”. It was the start of a streak of old hits. The heartwarming “Far Away” was followed by the heavy “Too Bad”, while the melancholic “Lullaby” gave way to the decidedly lighter “This Afternoon”.

Halfway into the show Kroeger asked, “How many have made time out of their busy lives to check our new album?”. The crowd cheered. “Half of you are fucking lying”. But they weren’t, they knew the lyrics to the next piece on the setlist, “Song On Fire”, proving that the new track has clearly won the hearts of fans. The song also marked a shift in the direction of the show. With their main songs out of the way, the rest of the band members—Ryan Peake, Mike Kroeger and Daniel Adair— started to interact more between themselves and with the audience.

For “Rockstar”, they pulled a man up on stage and told him to pick a woman from the crowd to help him sing. The woman, who had to hold a microphone gave her lip gloss to Chad Kroeger, who immediately threw it away claiming that he doesn’t hold woman stuff. Some were shocked but most people laughed. He did promise to pay for it though!

Nickelback then unveiled a couple of surprises. First, a karaoke version of The Eagles’ “Hotel California”, which was an odd choice, but a welcomed one. Second, Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Suck My Kiss” was sung by a friend of the band.

Before leaving the stage, Nickelback played the song that gave them their rise to fame, “How You Remind Me”. Seventeen songs weren’t enough and the group returned for an encore, playing two more songs. It was brief, but filled with memorable moments. The band thanked the crew, Kroeger teased their manager and Peake got down off the stage to hug a woman that had been to over 60 shows.

Whether you like them or not, Nickelback puts on a good show. The vocals are clear, the instrumentals don’t overfill the room and, most importantly, they know how to entertain a crowd.