Odysseo by Cavalia Inspires Vancouver

Odysseo by Cavalia The Travelers III / Les voyageurs III
The Travelers III / Les voyageurs III

Odysseo by Cavalia is an internationally acclaimed show that intertwines the magic of theatre with equestrian art. The serenity of over sixty horses combined with astonishing acrobatics provides the audience with two hours of stimulation overload. This technological experience is no ordinary horse show, and really could never be compared to one. Using multimedia and special effects, this theatrical experience takes horses to an entirely new level. The audience has no choice but to be captivated by these beautiful creatures, and to fall in love with the entire cast, both on and off stage. The seamless changes of scenery were fascinating to watch, as the audience moved from a desert in Africa to Moais in Easter Island all within a few minutes.

Aside from the visual effects, the music by Michel Cusson was inspiring.  The music in the show was live except for a few songs that were pre-recorded. The string instruments, including the guitar and violin were placed on one side of the stage, and the percussion and vocalist on the other. This allowed for the audience to have a heightened sonic experience.

However, as the show is in fact a series of sketches glued together, at times it became a bit overwhelming. The audience is thus forced to focus on the acrobats, horses, and geographical sights on the video backdrop all at once. At times it would have been refreshing to have a central story instead of always trying to piece together the many aspects of the show.

Oasis | Credits: Pascal Ratthé
Oasis | Credits: Pascal Ratthé

Nevertheless, the acrobats from New Guinea were remarkable, and truly made the show exceptionally entertaining. The water component on the stage added an extra level of nature to the performance, and made the audience feel connected to the horses trotting through the water.

Each component of the show is so meticulously constructed that the installation of the theatre is equally as extraordinary as the cast and crew. The construction of the tent is truly remarkable as it takes forty motors, a mechanical crane, and twenty trucks to transport everything.

Overall, the performance was magical…just as advertised.  It doesn’t matter whether you follow horse riding, the theatrical show has something for everyone.