Plasteroid and Skim Milk present an evening in space

Owen Connell aka Plasteriod had a vision for his community. When he was 12 years old, after a visit with his father to the Planetarium Star Theatre at HR MacMillan Centre, he knew that one day he would share his love for space exploration with fellow Vancouverites. Fast forward to today, Connell, armed with his music, is fulfilling his dream of creating a very memorable experience at the Planetarium and he is inviting you to come with.

For the avid festival goers and supporters of the Canadian music scene, you might have seen Owen Connell a few times on stage playing his keyboard or guitar. He has been playing in bands for 15 years and has contributed his musical skills to notable acts such as Jasper Sloan Yip, Wooden Horsemen, and JP Maurice. He has performed in prominent festivals all over the country such as the Montreal Jazz Festival and Vancouver Folk Festival while playing Americana and folk music. He has accomplished a lot as a musician, but he knew he must venture on his own to grow more creatively and this gave birth to his solo project, Plasteroid.

“I really want to have more creative control,” Connell said. “I struggled with doing vocals and it took awhile to come to terms with it. It took me two years to finish the album,” says Connell.

Connell got inspiration for his solo work from Air and mainly from Brian Eno who is not only known for his ambient music but also for his visual art. “I like what ambient music does to people,” says Connell. “It encourages people to think inwardly.” 

Over the summer, Connell released his first self-titled album providing ambient music lovers nine spacey tunes that will make your ears perk up and he didn’t stop there. To get over the anxiety of releasing material, Connell started a 30-minute podcast called Plasteroid where he and a guest musician create ambient music. Plasteroid’s last guest was Sam Davidson aka Skim Milk and clarinet player of Brasstronaut who will also be playing at his event at the Planetarium.

Connell got Davidson onboard with this show after he invited him to join in on a podcast. They found out that they share the same interest in space exploration and anything galactic. Connell’s goal for this event has always been to provide the audience with an introspective experience.

“I want the audience to ask powerful questions like ‘Why are we here?’”, he said, “To sit around and look at the stars, it directs everyone to their own story.” 

Connell’s latest visit to the newly renovated Planetarium was the last push that got him to invest a lot of his time and effort in this show. With handpicked stunning visuals by Connell and Davidson gloriously timed with their dreamy music, An Evening in Space with Music from Plasteroid and Skim Milk is an event you wouldn’t want to miss. How often do we even see stars in Vancouver? Almost never.

You can buy your tickets here:

Gian Karla Limcangco

Gian Karla Limcangco