Public Opinion: Is Redevelopment destroying Vancouver’s Culture?

Rezoning applications have started arriving in the Cambie Corridor, proposing the destruction of a number of houses so that condo complexes can be built in their place, and feelings are high for some of the district’s residents. Sally Ogis, a homeowner and mother of two voiced her concerns in an interview.

“I’m worried about the neighborhood changing. It’s not going to be accessible to families anymore,” Says Ogis. “Developers are selling these condos like a commodity. It doesn’t promote sustainable living, it promotes a culture of single servings.”

When Ogis and her family moved into the Riley Park-Little Mountain district nine years ago they were aware of the city’s plans for redevelopment around the King Edward stop of the Canada Line SkyTrain Station, but frustration ensued when the development zones kept extending, and building plans kept changing.

“The city wants us to grow our own food and keep a garden now, but that’s going to be difficult with high-rise condos blocking the sun,” says Ogis. “We’ll see an increase in air and land pollution, and there has been no clear answer on the city’s plans for garbage and recycling.”

Public hearings are ongoing as Ogis works with other district denizens to unite the community and voice their concerns, hoping to achieve fairness and transparency throughout the development process.

Condos for sale along Quebec St. near Terminal Station
Condos for sale along Quebec St. near Terminal Station

While opinions vary, the feud between developers and community culture-preservers is real, and is becoming more and more important to the younger generations that will inherit Vancouver. What state we leave our city in is yet to be determined.

What do you think about the cities ongoing development projects, and the need to preserve our community’s historic and cultural sites?