Ra Ra Riot are on their way to Vancouver

Ra Ra Riot’s Wes Miles discusses the Superbloom Tour with Vancouver Weekly Photo Photo by Rowan Daly

Ra Ra Riot kicked off their Superbloom Tour yesterday in North Carolina and are making their way west, landing in Vancouver on November 2. The indie-rock mainstays out of Syracuse, New York released their latest album Superbloom in August to glowing coverage and spent the first part of the summer on tour in support of Third Eye Blind and Jimmy Eat World.

We spoke with frontman Wes Miles earlier this week to find out a little more about what fans can expect on the band’s first headlining tour for the new release. Miles says they’re going to deliver some of the most dynamic shows the group has ever performed.

“I don’t want to spoil anything but…we’re trying some new stuff…we’re trying a few songs a little different than the record and a few old songs in new ways too.”

The band has been working the indie scene for close to 14 years and last year they celebrated the 10th anniversary of their debut release, The Rhumb Line. Four albums later, they’re happy to still be making a living on the road.

“It’s pretty cool we’ve made it this far and we’re very excited to play the new songs…it was one of the most fun records to make, so we can’t wait to share everything with everyone.”

Photo by Rowan Daly

Opening for the band throughout the tour is experimental musician Roger Sellers, performing under the name Bayonne. Sure to provide quite the contrast to Ra Ra Riot’s baroque pop sound, the Texas-based artist sings over synths and incorporates loops, effects, acoustic percussion, and more into his textured songs.

At the time of the interview, Miles had yet to meet Bayonne but was looking forward to getting to know the new tour mate.

“We were listening to some of his tracks and thought they were really sick…especially ‘Drastic Measures’…so yeah, I think it’s going to be fun.”

He spoke of the pleasures of connecting with new tour mates that help take away from the whole job aspect of being on tour.

“We like to feel like we’re in this together and making music together…that’s part of the fun of going on a new tour with a new band that we don’t know.”

Photo by Rowan Daly

 The tour touches down in Vancouver on Saturday, November 2, marking the start of the second half of the 22-date tour. Vancouver is also the furthest from home Ra Ra Riot will find themselves on this North American leg.

As a Vancouverite seeing bands from the States roll through all the time, you can’t help but wonder how the band feels playing here compared to their shows south of the border.

According to Miles, though, it appears our city has plenty to offer.

“We feel very welcome…it’s a beautiful city…Mathieu (bassist) and I are hockey fanatics…the possibility of being able to go to a Canucks game would be sick.”

The band has even explored more of our province in the past during a Western Canada tour.

“We drove all through BC to Nelson, and it was one of the most beautiful drives that we’ve ever done…and we’ve done some really beautiful ones. So yeah, we’re into Vancouver, some of us have occasionally wanted to move there.”

We’re into you too, Ra Ra Riot, and can’t wait to have you here on November 2. Hosted by MRG Concerts and CiTR Radio, you can catch them at one of the city’s finest venues, The Biltmore Cabaret.