Should Vancouver Experiment 1.3.2 with SakkieFTW?


If Hollywood continues its current trend of re-upping movie franchises and casting female talent in roles made famous by male protagonists then SakkieFTW’s Spiral should be considered for the (re-upped) Blade soundtrack. A modern backdrop to score the infamous Bloodbath, Spiral shares a dark and catchy quality reminiscent of the club scene frequented by the Marvel Comics day-walker. Having a deceivingly slow tempo off the top, it never quite reach the beats per minute that the EDM song from the original “Blade” film peaks at but the inclusion Kaeli McArter on the song cinches the hypothetical scenario.                

Original vocals over the electro opening track came as a bit of a surprise, expecting the bulk of any human voice contingent to come in the form of pre-recorded samples.

With a catchy beat but largely shallow musical layering on Spiral, the inclusion of

McArter’s beautiful voice and vocal melodies provides a softening texture to the sequencing of aggressive electronica.

With North America slowly catching up to the insanity that in the U.K. scene, producing an entire album modest in layering would be a bold and more often than not unsuccessful move. Thankfully for all those involved Spiral is the only track on Experiment 1.3.2 that SakkieFTW didn’t infuse with an onslaught of constantly changing dubstep, jungle, breakbeat, acid house and of course drum and bass (organized) chaos.

In fact, with Spiral being the first single off of the Experiment 1.3.2 EP, SakkieFTW has (whether purposefully or not) situated himself in a very actionable position. Though ‘misrepresentation’ is hyperbole in this instance Spiral does little as an example of the remaining body of work SakkieFTW produced on Experiment 1.3.2. Spiral is however, a great standalone song. It just so happens that the rest of the album is much more elaborate in production and equally, if not more catchy and danceable than the strong in its own right single.

A far cry from the perception that so many have towards artists who write a song or two (seemingly for the pay cheque) that the general audience considers a hit, only to go back to writing the music truer to the artist’s heart, what SakkieFTW has done is allow a doorway to options.  

Very interesting that at the age of 37 Experiment 1.3.2. is SakkieFTW’s first EDM album, and that the musician feels that prior to even thinking about playing a show live he must improve his DJing. Perhaps something to be said about the accessibility EDM provides to fans possessing a keen ear, what with the multiples genres (within’ EDM) providing and opportunity for one to cross over from avid music listener to music producer.

With just five tracks on Experiment 1.3.2 and a one-year-old boy to raise SakkieFTW plans to release a succession of quality EPs for the indefinite future. The Vancouver resident places taking the time to produce a few well massaged songs over a duration over whatever perceived gain that would come with putting out a full length album; that may otherwise fail to see the deserved due diligence.

A fan of several genres of music before landing on EDM just 3.5 years ago, the South African born grey bush’s (comparatively speaking) name was originally his gaming handle derived from the South African slang term used for his people.

Call SakkieFTW whatever you want, but the fan of aggressive music turned producer of the like has a passion that even through the barrage of entropy could not be shackled or kept down “In Chains”.