Should You Listen While Ramsey Prepares to See You Bleed?


Starting the track off with fine layering and production, the slow cello effect sound of the organ, gives Ramsey’s new single “See You Bleed” a haunting feel before the breakout composer gets to the craft she is quickly becoming known for, her voice. Both sharp and dark production wise and with a purposeful and less melancholy tone than one might expect,  “See You Bleed” does not just start off strong, it continues on to be a (literally) hair raising track. Ramsey’s voice is beautiful and broken at different points throughout the masterful single. “See You Bleed” is as evident of an example as one should need as to why her meteoric rise is quickly overtaking not only in her hometown of Los Angeles, but overseas as well.

Letting the listener in for a moment under the guise of perhaps needing whatever assistance we may be able to lend her, early in the song Ramsey asks us to trust her. Allowing our trusting heart to overrule our apprehensive mind, the heavily hand-tattooed Ramsey waits a cautious beat for the listener to validate her prediction of our eventual compliance. Like the siren’s song of the sea, the 20 year old’s soft toned request was only to lure and entrap. Ramsey mockingly reveals that had we allowed her to finish her thought we would’ve learned that the only trust we should afford her is in the belief that her motivation would result in bearing witness to our pain.   

An incredibly emotive track, when Ramsey outlines that she just wants to “See You Bleed”, you believe her. Tapping into the past of any of us that have been in a relationship with someone who turned out to have a belfry infested with bats, Ramsey’s “See You Bleed” gave me chills that saw the hair on my arms raise at least twice during my first listen.

Ramsey successfully leaves the listener wanting more with “See You Bleed” clocking in at less than four minutes.

The experimental and self-sufficient visionary already has a music video in circulation to accompany the single she performed as well as composed and produced. A practice that is not unique to “See You Bleed”, Ramsey writes, sings, and pieces together all of the content from her camp.

Fans of Portishead who also gravitate to the darker aspects of being alive can find Ramsey’s series of alluring press shots (that she assumedly allowed someone other than her take) where music’s burgeoning powerhouse is adorned with Titus, (film adaptation of William Shakespeare‘s revenge tragedy Titus Andronicus) looking regalia and other shots involving large chains and of course blood.

Having surfaced on Soundcloud in January of this year, the eerily toned beauty amassed over two million listens in just over four months. A 10-track album on the horizon with a follow-up west coast tour is only going to aide in spreading of the wildfire that is Ramsey’s popularity.

Having the ear and instinct to produce so cleanly could be argued is a gift inherited genetically, one of nature’s little chestnuts. Taking the time to cultivate the skill of crisp production without losing emotive soul revealing properties in her first 20 years on the planet is flat out impressive.

The only question remains is whether the Feist influenced artist’s inevitable success is due to her Fiona Apple meets Alanis Morissette aesthetic (and at times emotive) appeal, or for the more impressive production quality and fullness of her music.

Thus far it is Ramsey’s emotionally transcendent and hair-raising vocal peculiarities garnering her the wealth of ever approaching acclaim.

An extraordinary machine, you’re going to be hearing a lot more than just shouting at sou-chefs out of this Ramsey.