Snow mitigation work continues overnight


With temperatures dropping to below freezing last night, City of Vancouver crews continued to add salt to roads and sidewalks to mitigate icy conditions for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists during today’s morning commute. Citizens are reminded by the City to take extra time to get to where they are going and to be cautious. 

Crews were dispatched last night to salt and plow main routes and priority hills, to clear seawall paths and sidewalks, priority bikes routes and to manually remove snow at bus shelters and gutters that lead to catch basins, as well as sidewalk let downs at intersections. Crews also responded to “hot spots” and requests that came in through 3-1-1. 

Winter weather brings cold temperatures and wet conditions to Vancouver that can cause safety issues for cyclists, commuters, and pedestrians. With clear and dry conditions in the near-term before the next anticipated snowfall, citizens are encouraged to get winter tires for their vehicle, to stock up on salt for sidewalks and to wear appropriate footwear when walking to prevent slipping.  

The City’s fleet includes 44 trucks that salt roads and there are 1,500 tonnes of salt in stock. The City has added four new brine units this year that can spray more area in less time. Specialized equipment is also available to salt bikeways.

Source: Information Bulletin – City of Vancouver