Soledad Muñoz: An Artist In Between

VW: Specific to your performance with Jaymes at New Forms, how would you say it’s different from any other performance? What makes it stand out?

SL: Well, it’s a huge festival, and I’m so honoured to be on it, especially as a non-recording artist – ’cause I do make the separation between recording and non-, and I’m more of a performance artist. Also, the curators, and Cedric [Meister], and Robin [Selk] – everyone has been super nice to me, and the ideas that I want to develop with this installation – which are going further from the usual festival, immersive big screens, the sound that goes with the visual – we’re moving away a little bit from that. I have to do the installation for the whole night that night [Sept. 18]. So for Jaymes, it’s really easy, because it is a collaboration, but for everyone else, I feel like putting a visual element that does not go with their sound is very intrusive, so that’s been a really, really, really big difference in my approach, in my process of how to do things. We’re going with something more minimal than you would usually see in a big festival like this.

VW: Which performances are you looking forward to checking out?

SL: Anything that’s happening on the Omnimax I think is gonna be really crazy, just ’cause of the technical attributes of the space. I’m super interested in seeing Arca, and Oneohtrix, and all the ladies. I’m super happy there’s more women playing – Inga [Copeland], Sara [Ludy], all of them. I’m super, super stoked to see them play. And it’s also people that I admire right now. Like, Arca is one of the biggest producers right now; like FKA Twigs, I like this music, and it’s happening now, and we’re so fortunate to have them in our city.

VW: What are your plans after the New Forms Festival? Do you have any big things coming up?

SL: Well, I think mostly just continue with Genero. That has been a very big part of my life, and thankfully, it’s been very well received. It’s being featured in a new publication that’s coming out, which is called Highway, and then, again, I’m gonna be writing for The Mainlander with this same project. It’s something that I think is missing from this beautiful world of electronic, which is more space for women.

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[Editor’s note (Leslie Ken Chu): Madlib’s performance, originally scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 18, has been postponed. Date TBA. Thursday late night single tickets, late night festival passes, and full festival passes will be honoured for the makeup show.]