The Steve Brockley Band “Captain Joe (Live at the China Cloud)” Video

The Steve Brockley Band’s performance of “Captain Joe” live at the China Cloud shows the band doing what it does best: mesmerize audiences through story and song – and get them moving at the same time. They take their time working this magic – to hit this range of emotions – in no rush because they are so in control.

Brockley begins with a sombre strummed pattern, backing his smooth lyricism, before bass and soft toms join in the trot. The trio gains traction, but even at the song’s climax, not one of the three men loses his poise.

If you’re looking for an enthralling, intimate night, search no further than the Steve Brockley Band live at the Biltmore this Thursday. Alt-country rockers the Reckoners (performing as a five-piece) and Real Ponchos support. Cover is $10 at the doors, which open at 8 PM.

Leslie Ken Chu

Leslie Ken Chu