The Beaches provide Vancouver relief from the winter blues

Photo by Ryan Johnson 

Canada’s favourite Juno-winning four-piece all-female rock band stopped at the Commodore Ballroom on February 7th to provide the dreary city with a much needed relief from the winter blues. It was a packed house on Friday night. The front of the stage was crowded quickly, with younger fans cramming in to get a look at Hunny, an American pop-rock band from Newbury Park, California.

Hunny’s lead singer, Jason Yarger, brought a ton of energy and attitude to the stage right out the gate. The young foursome definitely seemed to connect with the mostly youthful audience. Lead singer Yarger moved frenetically, violently chewing gum throughout his set and taking boisterous swigs from a wine bottle (wine and gum combo, anyone?). Dressed like new-age hipsters, Hunny had the skill to back up their look. Their songs were catchy and their look/personas was perfectly aimed at their audience, who seemed to be eating out of their hands their whole set.

Toward the end of Hunny’s set the lines at the merch table and the bars swelled as the crowd momentarily shifted. But it wasn’t long before the main event took the stage.

When The Beaches took the stage the crowd was elated. Early in the show they played a handful of hits from their 2017 breakthrough album Late Show and showed everyone why they won a JUNO for Breakthrough Group of the Year. Their performance was spirited and skillful. Singer Jordan Miller would often step forward, a leg up on her monitor, to get a little closer to the crowd, and the crowd would respond with a roar.

Throughout their set it became clear how consistent The Beaches have become at crafting great, upbeat rock songs. Not only was Late Show a great rock album front to back, but their follow up The Professional was a mature step forward while still maintaining that same quality without shifting away from their rock roots. As the night went on and new songs like “Snake Tongue” and “Fascination” found their way into the set the crowd was equally as responsive, singing along with all the lyrics.

Perhaps their best quality as performers is their ability to obviously have fun on stage. Those positive vibes definitely connect with the audience. In Vancouver’s case we were in dire need of a good up-tempo rock show.

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