The Power of Floating: This Treatment Will Give You Exactly What You Need

Puriin Spa & Wellness - Float pod
Puriin Spa & Wellness – Float pod

A float tank, also known as a sensory deprivation tank or an isolation tank, is an enclosed room-temperature bath big enough for one person and filled with epsom salts to allow for effortless floating. A surreal and unparalleled sense of relaxation takes place while you float in the enclosed capsule for 90 minutes in complete isolation. At Puriin Spa & Wellness Centre in the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Hotel, your float capsule will have soft and calming blue lighting and your choice of complete silence, white noise or calming music. As you relax and float without the distractions of senses such as touch, sound, smell and taste, you’re able to temporarily shut off and you’ll suddenly become either hyper-focused or profoundly relaxed – whichever is more beneficial to you at that time. You can even adjust your capsule’s lighting to make it pitch black, removing your last remaining sensation: sight.

The environment is so unique that in congruence, each individual experience will be completely unique and special. Many customers report having an out-of-body experience, allowing them to temporarily forget about their life’s stressors and troubles. Others report a deeply calming sensation and decreased anxiety. Some customers report having an incredibly successful brain-storming session, where their creative juices started flowing in the tank, or an increased ability to absorb information (this is called ‘super-learning’). I personally found that when I shut the rest of the world off, my mind turned on in the tank and I had an intimate and creative experience. As an entrepreneur, I truly valued those 90 minutes of being in tune with my creativity because I was able to actualize some awesome ideas.

Your experience will be tailored to what your body and mind needs at that time. Many customers have stated that the float tank is like a mirror, as it shows each of us what we need to see, and allows us to focus on what we need to overcome. If you’re feeling depressed, floating gives you an opportunity to practice gratitude and a fresh perspective. If you’re experiencing writer’s block, you’ll be able to brainstorm and get creative while floating. If you’ve had a rough week, you’ll relax and take a vacation from life’s demands. If you have back pain, your muscles will relax and calm the sensations of pain while in the tank. This service truly is tailored to the customer’s specific needs, as each customer will use their time in the tank differently. Below are some of the many benefits of floating:

Assisted meditation. Mediation requires first shutting out the rest of the world, then practicing stillness. Many customers use the float capsule as a form of assisted meditation, because in it you’ll experience slower brain wave patterns, and you can feel relaxed while also experiencing vivid imagery, heightened inspiration and sudden creativity. Floating also promotes an altered state of consciousness.

Anxiety and stress relief. Because floating is basically forced solitude, you’ll have a chance to truly get in touch with yourself, reflect on your problems and come up with solutions. Floating is also an opportunity to relax and practice deep breathing exercises and tranquility, as you’ll have no demands or distractions. Floating is sometimes used as a form of temporary hypnosis, as it transforms your mind from anxious and nervous to incredibly calm and relaxed.

Relief from insomnia. The stress relief and profound relaxation often experienced in a float tank often results in a better night’s sleep. The sense of calming of both body and mind in the tank leads to an increased ability to fall asleep that night. One good night’s sleep is often followed by another, so if you’re looking to break the pattern of sleepless nights, give floating a try.

Better learning and memory. In a sensory deprivation tank, you’ll be more likely to absorb any new information you’ve recently read or verbally received. This is perfect for students right around exam time, when they’ve just read a ton of material. Floating is the perfect way to absorb that information and remember it, without any distractions. You don’t have to be a student to benefit from this increased ability to absorb information. The young professional can read several important e-mails, then absorb and reflect on what they just read while in tank.

Increased creativity and idea-forming. The isolation tank promotes creativity because when you’re alone with your thoughts, ideas begin forming. You might start brainstorming and igniting that entrepreneurial spirit, or perhaps you’ll spend your time in the tank focusing on a solution to an ongoing problem. Better yet, you’ll get creative and inspired in the tank and leave feeling as though you can take on the world.

Visualization, focus and motivation. 90 minutes in a float tank allows you to focus on your goals and aspirations, and visualize your dreams. This can be incredibly motivating, and a float session could be used to focus on plans to implement your goals.

Improved skin and decreased bloating. The epsom salt in the water decreases bloating and improves your skin. Your skin will feel very soft and silky after a float session and bloating can be dramatically reduced.

Reduced muscular pain. Floating in warm water results in a deep sense of relaxation. When the muscles relax, pain and tightness decreases. A sense of relaxation while floating also releases endorphins, which help minimize sensations of pain.

Decreased feelings of depression. Floating releases endorphins and can decrease feelings of depression. If you use your time in the tank to practice gratitude, count your blessings and focus on changing your perspective, you’ll leave the tank feeling happier, more positive and rejuvenated.

Better mental clarity and perspective. Sometimes all it takes is 90 minutes in a sensory deprivation tank to truly come to realize what really matters in life. The gift of mental clarity may just come to you in your next float session, and when you’re able to take the time to put things in perspective, your troubles don’t seem all that bad after all.