The Truth Behind What It’s Like To Vacation Like A Celeb


When you think of the type of hotel a celebrity would vacation at, one of the first hotels that comes to mind is the Beverly Hills Hotel on Sunset Boulevard. It’s pretty easy for Vancouverite’s to get to California, so if you’ve always wondered what it would be like to stay at a hotel like this, keep reading – because it just might be worth the investment.

The hotel is beyond luxury – and beyond five stars. It’s like stepping into a fantasy world and leaving the regular world behind. It’s bucket list worthy, that’s for sure. Being one of the world’s most iconic and best-known hotels, it’s closely associated with Hollywood film stars, rock stars and celebrities.

I decided to find out what it would be like to stay at a hotel like this, so I visited the premises and got loads of insider information. What I found out astonished me. Some of the perks of staying at a fancy, world-renowned hotel are amazing. If you were wondering what it would be like to live like a rock star, get ready for this: Here are the 20 most interesting and mind-blowing facts I found out about the Beverly Hills Hotel:

  1. Some of the rooms have their own private pool. One of the Bungalows I saw had its own private pool and hot tub, complete with a huge outdoor patio, Spanish tiles, a tropical garden and plenty of lounge chairs. Getting your own pool is definitely a rare luxury. The Bungalows also offer other perks, such as in-room grand pianos and phenomenal outdoor showers.
  2. The pool-side services are the best of the best. What does a guest sun-bathing at a luxury hotel’s pool get offered, you ask? Think mojito-pops, frozen peanut butter bars, complimentary sunglass cleaning, Evian facial mists, WiFi, full bar and food service and unlimited sunscreen. If that’s not awesome enough, they also have music playing under the water, to make your pool dips that much more enjoyable.
  3. Pool-side private cabanas are complete with flat-screen TVs, WiFi and fruit bowls. The cabanas at the Beverly Hills Hotel have all the comforts of a mini hotel room including LCD TVs and comfortable sofas.
  4. You can reserve Frank Sinatra’s booth. The iconic Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel is a hot-spot for celebrities. You’re quite likely to see one if you eat there, and you can even request a certain celebrity’s favourite booth. The host will show you where Beyonce last sat, Leonardo’s favourite table, and which booth was Frank Sinatra’s favourite. Your bum will be where his bum was. Cool!
  5. The world-class spa has all the extras. You’ve got to pay a visit to La Prarie Spa. It’s a five star luxury spa located at the promenade level of the hotel. Not only are the massages and facials to-die-for, but the changing room has everything from personal sandals, comfy robes and take-home hair brushes to mini toothpastes and mini mouthwash.
  6. Your room will be huge, and sometimes your private patio will be just as big (or bigger) than the room itself. It was crazy to me to see how huge the room’s patios were. Some of the rooms had two-level patios, and they all had a full outdoor dining set-up as well as outdoor lounge chairs for star-gazing.
  7. There might be a TV in your bathroom’s mirror. Oh, and there’s a phone next to the toilet. The bathrooms are beautiful, spacious, and come with a TV and a phone? That’s just awesome.
  8. You can control the lighting in your room with buttons beside your bed and with the TV’s remote control. A control-panel next to your bed can control the lights, and you can dim the lights or opt for a blackout, or only leave your bedside lamp on. The same can be done from the TV’s remote control.
  9. Get ready for the most comfortable bed you’ve ever slept in. Obviously if you’re paying top-dollar you’re getting an incredibly comfy bed. The Beverly Hills Hotel’s rooms have plush Sealy Posturepedic beds with gel-infused memory foam, so you’re basically sleeping on could nine.
  10. You don’t have to get out of bed if you forgot to hang the privacy request outside your door. Controlling the lights isn’t the only thing you can do from bed. Next to your bed, there’s a “privacy” button and a “service” button, so that you can request to either be left alone or request service with the push of a button.
  11. Turn-down service includes freshly baked cookies and a message on your TV. Luxury hotels have a ‘turn-down service’ where the bed linens are turned down in preparation for use. At the Beverly Hills Hotel, delicious bedtime cookies will be placed beside your bed, as well as fresh water and sometimes a message on your TV screen.
  12. You can request Butler service. Need someone to stand over you and wipe the caviar from your beard? For $100 an hour, you can order a Butler with your in-room dining.
  13. A dog-walking service is offered to guests. If you need your dog walked, don’t fret. This is just one of the many ways the staff goes out of its way for you.
  14. Everything is monogrammed and it’s oh-so-cute. It’s adorable to see how many items are branded and personalized at this hotel. The duvet cover is monogrammed, the wine-opener is pink and has the logo on it, the champagne is ‘Beverly Hills Hotel’ champagne and even the maple syrup you get at breakfast is branded as ‘Beverly Hills Hotel’ maple syrup.
  15. Welcome amenities might even include edible logos or edible notes. Fancy hotels always welcome guests with something, like a decorative display of seasonal fruit or flowers. If you’re going to the Beverly Hills Hotel for work or for a special event, you can request edible media. Their pastry chefs are talented at creating custom branded candy with your company’s logo or a special message on it.
  16. There’s complimentary yoga by the pool for guests. The pool has an upper deck with a beautiful Californian view, and that’s’ where the complimentary yoga sessions take place.
  17. Kids get their own monogrammed ‘credit card’. Kids get excited when they’re given a little ‘credit card’ that says VIP on the front. It can be redeemed for unlimited sodas and juices in the dining outlets.
  18. You’ll get to see the Bungalow Marilyn Monroe lived at. At an iconic hotel like this, there’s lots of perks when it comes to viewing rooms that were certain celebrities’ favourites, including the Bungalow Marilyn lived at during her career.
  19. From red-carpet photo walls and banana leaf hallways to 1940s throwbacks, everything you see is Instagram-worthy. The entrance to the hotel has a red carpet and photo wall. The Fountain coffee room and the hotel’s corridors are adorned with the classic tropical Beverly Hills Hotel banana leaf wallpaper. This iconic design has been featured in the hotel for over 50 years, which might be why it’s such a popular backdrop for photos. It’s incredibly charming, and entering the Fountain coffee room is like stepping backwards in time – it’s a bit surreal. It’s actually a historical landmark built in 1949, and features 19 restored bar stools around a classic curved soda fountain counter inspired by the 1940s.
  20. The food and beverages are phenomenal. You’ll be able to order unique and refreshing cocktails such as the ‘blueberry lavender fizz’ and your omelet will come with a fresh fruit arrangement in the shape of a star. Not only is the food delicious, but they really pay attention to detail when it comes to presentation. It’s almost like they know you’re going to Instagram it.