This year’s Hump! Film Festival served up some fun erotic flicks

Dan Savage’s Hump! Film Festival at the Rio Theatre, September 20 – 23, 2018

Vancouver’s vibrant community came out to the Rio Theatre this weekend to see Dan Savage’s annual Hump! Film Festival.

The amateur erotic film festival is best known for being a safe, inclusive space that offers up laughs, hot sex, personal stories and kink. The erotic films provide a little something for everyone, promoting a culture where everyone is sexy!

The 13th annual film festival is a project from podcast host, author and erotic activist icon Dan Savage, best known for advice column the Savage Love.

Savage has built a huge community by providing relationship and sex advice. Now Savage produces a podcast and the cult classic film fest that ended this weekend after four days of screenings.

With categories like ‘best humour,’ ‘best sex,’ ‘best kink,’ and ‘best in show,’ the festival encourages viewers to experience all the details of love and eroticism.

“Connection,” the winner for the best in show, turns a coffee shop fantasy into a beautiful contemporary dance and striptease.

‘Best in kink’ included a diverse cast and an ending you’ll probably want to see.

While not every body type, varying ability or subculture was included in this years film festival, that didn’t stop the full house from enjoying sexy scenes, laughter, and critical commentary.

Lacking in all the films was a real diversity of body size. While you weren’t likely to see too many playboy shaped models, there also weren’t any large body types.

The festival also didn’t have any sex from those with varying abilities; despite having multiple people in the audience with diverse physical abilities.

One of the main reasons the festival fails to represent certain demographics is because it’s a film festival where you submit the films. This is a huge barrier for the film festival in gaining true representation of all the beautiful and diverse bodies out there.

The 21 films featured in the festival will not be seen anywhere else because most of the people featured are amateurs and want to stay amateurs for only a weekend. To ensure participants privacy, the festival keeps a very strict no photos or videos rule. This will hopefully encourage you to submit a film next year. Who knows maybe you might be the one to win everyone over!

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