Tim the Mute “Don’t Kill Yourself” Video

It’s a joining of the local label frontmen! Kingfisher Bluez-runner Tim the Mute is set to release his debut LP, Why Live?, and Hockey Dad Records‘ Ryan Dyck co-stars in the video for optimistic album cut, “Don’t Kill Yourself”.

Tim and Ryan cruise around town, pretend to play their instruments in a park, and then head to an outdoor swimming pool where underwater shots likely nod at Nirvana. The chill vibes and shaky camerawork captures the same pleasantness of Smashing Pumpkins’ classic clip for “1979”.

“Why live?” It looks like the Tim and Ryan could give a few reasons. The album will be available on June 28, obviously through Kingfisher Bluez, but also on Lost Sound Tapes.

Leslie Ken Chu

Leslie Ken Chu