Top Shelf At The Penthouse With Retro Strip Show III

Photo: Ninedoors Photography
Photo Credit: Ninedoors Photography

Whether you subscribe to the adage of “good things coming in threes” or “good things come to those that wait”, you’re in luck.

The always glamorous fusion of live music and extravagant vintage stylings of The Retro Strip Show is back with its third instalment, the cleverly titled Retro Strip Show III.

Never one for ambiguity, director of Pandora and the Locksmiths as well as creator of the Retro Strip Show franchise Nicky Ninedoors, has resurrected the lavish affair to once again be held at the esteemed Penthouse Nightclub.

As a tip-of-the-hat to when burlesque completed its transition from feathered boas and variety shows to something more akin to the modern day striptease, the era of the late 60’s and early 70’s sets the backdrop for what is intended to be a loose theme.

With the music of the times as the only steadfast rule for the performers, dancers are encouraged to bring what they like to a stage that champions diversity and inclusion.

With no overarching storyline to the show, each performance is at the discretion of the performer and nobody else.

Ninedoors takes pride in giving control back to the artists by having few restrictions or guidelines that for the event. That means that although there will be nudity, it is up to the performer to dictate how much or how little bare skin will be present and for how long in each their respective sets. As reasonable as the approach of Ninedoors is with the Retro Strip Show, it was not a luxury afforded to most women in a time when few clubs saw an owner of any gender but one.  

As non-restrictive and inclusive as Ninedoors is to the performers of the throwback show, the successful creator affords the luxury of being select as to who she allows to attend and for that matter cover the exclusive Sunday Night event.

The Retro Strip Show is a safe environment that is inclusive to groups that are otherwise often marginalised. The Penthouse Nightclub will be a gathering of feminists, minorities, and LGBTQQAA communities. Large packs of straight males will be considered only on a case by case basis, but are encouraged to not attend without their partner(s).

With the Penthouse having boasted sell out crowds for each of the prior Retro Strip Shows, the odds of seeing people attempting to barter at the door for entry into this prestigious event (as witnessed for Retro II) is almost an inevitability.

With tickets having been on sale for just 27 hours, there were reports of the Retro Strip Show already over the 25% mark; which means that by the time you read this your window to attend may be near closed.

The live band for every song of the event is once again the ultra-impressive Pandora and the Locksmiths house band, who can be seen monthly at what has become Gastown’s underground alternative-dance haven, The Guilt & Co.

With her first time hosting (Retro Strip Show II) having gone swimmingly and fresh off of Lunarium Miss Kiss is back as emcee of the Retro Strip Show III.

Performers involved in the evening’s dance numbers include Lucky Strike, Kimberly Blaize, (Lotus) Silk, Phoenix Rose and of course Nicky Ninedoors herself who’s Diana Princess of Themyscira routine from Retro Strip Show II kicked the show off in wondrous womanly style back in September of ‘16.

Unannounced on the show’s event page as of writing this comes the bitter news of Rocket Ray being forced to drop off the bill due to injury. Ray will still be lending her voice to the sweet melodies of Pandora and the Locksmiths, however, will not be performing. Knowing the beauty is less than ecstatic about not being able to perform for her fans, we wish her a speedy recovery.

However, when doors close around Locksmiths they often open again up again. Ninedoors was understandably delighted to report that The Retro Strip Show II’s standout closer of the night Jackie Brown has agreed to do the undoable and replace the spot made vacant by Rocket Ray.

As always, the Retro Strip Show will have Stage Babes on hand to doll out and collect the 50/50 proceedings, as well as collect tips for the dancers who work so hard to bring these often elaborate undertakings to life. With Stage Babes that include Phoenix Rose, Miss Fitt, Carole Brunette & fresh off of producing the memorable performance works “Lunarium” as well as two days before performing in Valentine’s Day Burlesque Duos Miss Ava Lure, tripping over oneself to get to tipping is understandable. In fact, it is heavily encouraged that when attending a Retro Strip Show that you show some love to the dancers.

Two days leading up to Valentine’s Day love has not ripened to red just yet, so tip with green at The Retro Strip Show III…or blue or brown. (Canada, what a country).

The band includes:

Bass/band director: John Bews

Keys: Mary Ancheta

Guitar: John Roper

Sax: Dominic Conway

Trumpet: Alison Gorman

Trombone: Louis Melgar

Percussion: Liam Macdonald

Drums: Nino DiPasquale