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Tree “Stuck Down the Wrong Rabbit Hole” Video

Remember The Odyssey? Not the copy of the Greek classic on your shelf which you’ve been “meaning to get to” for centuries. No, no – this one. How wicked was that series? Man… Anyway, Tree’s “Stuck Down the Wrong Rabbit Hole” (featuring Beat Culture and Lena Duhn) made me think of it right away. That and, obviously, Alice in Wonderland… and Evil Dead II.

All right, enough; I’m starting to make this sound like a cheap mash-up video, which this certainly is not. It does, however, evoke epic tones; invites you into a fantastic world; and, well, it’s a little goofy. Let’s be honest – Oliver Nickell’s (a.k.a. Tree) bumbling burnout at 1:50 will not make him an action star any day soon (even if he does do his own “stunts”). But who cares? It’s fun to watch. This is the third video Tree has done with Steve Dabal (director), but it’s the first time the two had the budget to do their creative vision justice. Tinman Creative Studios animated the latter part of the video where our strawberry-torsoed hero finally goes down the rabbit hole.

This song is what started everything off for Nickell and company, when he posted the song for free download on Soundcloud. It made MTV rear its head, and labels came knocking, including R&S (which released Tree’s debut EP Demons last summer via Apollo). Nickell and Kuhn were eighteen at the time; Beat Culture, the young’un, was seventeen. Not bad, right?

Nickell calls “Stuck Down…” a “short film,” and that’s not a stretch. While this tune doesn’t feature a whole heck of a lot of Oliver’s unique vocal styling – as many of his other songs do (including this excellent cover) – it does make for an engaging watch and a nice appetizer that will hopefully spur you to check out more of his work.