Trevor Guthrie Premieres New Video for “Wanted”

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Trevor Guthrie premieres the video for his single “Wanted.” The dark, but moving visuals explore the twists and turns of mental illness and the impact it has had on Trevor’s life. Fused with elements of R&B, the pop-soul track backed by a gospel choir is a departure from the sound we’re accustomed to hearing from Guthrie. “Wanted” shines a light on matters that are usually left in the dark and proves that Guthrie is equally capable of hitting an audience hard on the dance floor, and connecting with them emotionally.

“Depression isn’t something that someone gets rescued from. You or I can’t ‘save’ someone who is suffering. What we can do is be there for that person and support them,” Guthrie says. “We tried to capture that essence. The imagery is meant to convey my willingness to enter into her darkness, to make sure she knows that she is not alone and that I will be there for her for every step of her journey to recovery.”

Sofia Lane, the director of the video, adds, “The music video is a metaphorical interpretation of the nature of mental illness, which can seem blinding and inescapable.”

It is a surreal journey to the heart of someone’s inner darkness. Each door down the hallway leads us further into the mind of a person trapped within themselves. Open doors represent a piece of someone that they are willing to show us. Even so, we may think we see someone clearly but sometimes we are only seeing a facade, an illusion of their true selves. Closed doors are secrets not meant to be known.”

Check out video for his single “Wanted.”: