Trout Lake closed to skating till further notice

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Trout Lake will remain closed to public skating today and tomorrow with a possibility of re-opening later in the week, depending on results of ice thickness testing and assessment of skating conditions by Vancouver Park Board staff.    

The Vancouver Park Board’s ice patrol staff have been on site this morning and have observed many slushy spots on the lake.  The rain has softened the surface ice and produced a very uneven surface. The Park Board has determined that the ice is not safe for the public and warning signs remain around Trout Lake.  Ice Patrol and Park Rangers will be patrolling the area.

“We are hopeful that Mother Nature will give us another opportunity to enjoy this wonderful outdoor skating experience,” said Park Board Chair Michael Wiebe. “Our staff will be assessing daily when freezing temperatures return and it’s our intention to try to re-open this ice as soon as we determine that conditions are safe.”

The Park Board will provide public updates on Trout Lake ice via our social media channels at NOON each day, beginningWednesday of this week and lasting till winter conditions are over.    

Please note that no other ponds in Vancouver have ice thick enough to allow public skating and these updates apply only to Trout Lake according to the Vancouver Park Board.

[Source: City of Vancouver]