Two Feet drowns in fandom at Fortune Sound Club

Two Feet with Absofacto at Fortune Sound Club, 1/31/18

As the Super Blue Blood Moon faded into the morning sky on January 31st, it brought the promise of new beginnings. Coincidentally, that night was Two Feet’s sold-out Blueprint live concert in Vancouver at Fortune Sound Club, part of his first-ever headlining North American Tour.

Rare astronomical phenomena remind us of the vastness of the universe and emphasize that, despite our apparent differences, we are all connected. What better way to witness this bond than at a live show?

Indie-lovers were trickling into the modernized Chinatown venue when Absofacto emerged on stage, flanked by gigantic speakers that amplified their foot-tapping beats. Jonathan Visger’s magnetic energy and emotional vocals drew the curious crowd in. With relatable, wistful lyrics in songs like “Done with Love” from Thousand Pieces, Jonathan allowed the audience to introspect about love lost: “Should I wait for you to change your mind? I’m waiting for you all the time…” In contrast, the pulsating, positive tunes in “Light Outside” caused hearts to “tick tock right on time” with the mesmerizing beats. “Endless Summer Dream” from his newly released EP transported the concert members away from the dreary Vancouver rain to warm beaches and “pools full of strangers.”

The audience had hardly awakened from this distant dream when the muscular figure of Bill Dess (Two Feet) appeared. Adorned in leather pants and a dress shirt, unbuttoned just enough to reveal his pectoral muscles, he provoked lustful screams as he strummed melodious guitar riffs. The cries amplified when his lips embraced the microphone and his brooding, low-pitched voice recited the lyrics to “Love is a Bitch” from his Momentum EP. Addressing his frenzied fans, he introduced his companion Huff and marveled at the fact that they had sold out the show, then made an odd request, “yo, if someone buys me a whiskey, cause I spilled mine, I’ll sign something for you!” After he finished singing the intense “Had Some Drinks” from Momentum, someone handed him a flask, which he immediately guzzled.

Dreary, slower tunes like the 2016 track “Twisted” and “You’re so Cold” from First Steps allowed the crowd to revel in the effervescent, jazzy tunes, after which Dess expressed his appreciation for “whoever got me that flask, I love you.” Taking advantage of his vocal gift, he then sang a poignant acoustic cover of Blackbear’s “Idfc.” He then set the mood with “Quick Musical Doodles & Sex,” cooing into the microphone as deep bass tones generated pleasant vibrations.

Despite his perceived presumptuousness, Two Feet explained his humble origins: “Two years ago, I was working at a bodega. After paying rent, I was making just about three dollars a day. I had to ask for cups of coffee from strangers on the street, and now I’m in front of you people. Thank you so much.” He also voiced his anger at bandmate Huff being called a racial slur at Starbucks, to which the crowd booed sympathetically. “I can’t do live shows without this guy behind me.” Although an awkward thing to mention during a fun event, it was vital that he addressed this. In a setting where hundreds of people were bonding over music, it served as a reminder that no matter one’s outer appearance, we are all intricately linked on the inside.

As a testament to this, the entire venue joined Two Feet for “I Feel Like I’m Drowning,” a song about “plastic” people and their tendency to “kill you, so, so slowly.” Oxytocin saturated the air, and a bra flew onto the platform under him. Ecstatic shrieks ensued when the musician knelt and then completely laid on the floor, all the while still jamming, eyes closed, immersed in his element.

With only nine songs released, Two Feet still managed to put on a unique performance. He prefaced his last song, the infamous “Go Fuck Yourself” responsible for his rise to fame, by protesting his label and management for trying to control his life. “I just want to be me as an artist, and I just want to thank you all for being here to see me…and I want to say to all those people: “Fuck that!”

His fans agreed, enthusiastically chanting along while he repeated the song twice, his body jolting across the stage, eyes shut in concentration. As Two Feet waved goodbye to his mind-blown followers and drowned into the background, one thing was obvious: for this talented, outspoken young man, this is only the beginning.