Ty Segall “The Man Man” Video

Ty Dies in the End

Now for something completely different. Ty Segall’s video for his track “The Man Man”, from his summer release Sleeper, stars a car full of monsters armed with automatic weapons and a tabloid magazine. Now, to say exactly what kind of car, I’m not too sure. That aside, it was big enough to comfortably seat four large creatures.

For the most part, the video is pretty low-key, like the song, until it crescendos at the very end.

Ty’s known for his brand of psychedelic garage grunge. If you take a look at his album art over the years then you will totally understand the direction of this video (the creepy figure from the cover of Melted flashes twice in the video). It’s dark, but playful. This video is for those of us who enjoy weird, creepy things that don’t necessarily make much sense. Weird for the sake of being weird. Gory for the sake of being gory. Ty fans will be happy with this one.

Thomas Creery

Thomas Creery

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