Ty Waters records heartfelt Christmas classic

Ty Waters is a 12-year-old music prodigy who has gained global recognition for his exceptional voice. Having recorded spot-on impressions for Bobby Darin and Frank Sinatra by just three years of age, Waters has already impressed some of music’s biggest icons. With a voice that harkens back to a young Michael Jackson (Jackson 5) or Stevie Wonder, the Vancouver sensation is once again opening eyes by opening his heart this holiday season. Having recorded a new seasonal single with Kitsilano Records entitled “Everything I Want For Christmas”, Waters is donating part of the proceeds of the song to the charitable organisation Music Heals.

In addition to releasing his debut album Only Human earlier in the year, the Canadian born Filipino was named Youth Ambassador for music education. Receiving a two-minute standing ovation after his performance at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre, stars ranging from Michael Bublé to the above mentioned Stevie Wonder light up with joy when speaking about the young phenom.

With the help of Dave Barnett’s music label Kitsilano Records, Waters has recorded a heartfelt family song that is sure to become a Christmas classic. Expressing gratitude for having everything that he needs this Christmas, the 12-year-old focuses on sitting on the couch with his dog, texting his friends, having food in his belly and embracing the downtime that comes for a youngster over the holiday break.

At a time of year that sees extreme consumerism flock to help companies achieve their fiscal year end, Waters is wise beyond his years with lyrics that remind his young fanbase that the best aspects of life extend well beyond material gains. “A boy like me, I don’t really need much. Just some food on the table, some family and friends, and a groove so I can bust”.

Having performed at the infamous Carnegie Hall four times by the age of ten, Waters also brought a crowd of 100,000 people to their feet in Santa Barbara with a rendition of the opulent Etta James classic “At Last”. With all of the singer’s achievements critics may argue the modest perspective Waters has of himself on “Everything I Want For Christmas”. “Can’t believe how good I’ve got it, I ain’t even been that good.”

Already boasting credentials such as Best Pop Song (“Only Human”) at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, as well as having won American Protege’s Vocal Competition Vancouver’s child prodigy can personally attest to the healing power of music. Having discovered his vocal gift at the age of two with the help of his parents, Waters experienced delayed speech early in life. As an alternative to waiting for the public health’s speech therapy program, the Waters family began infusing a high dose of music into Ty’s everyday life. To the shock of his parents, Waters began embellishing the nursery rhymes his mother and father would sing with him. To take the child’s alternative speech therapy one step further mom and dad started playing Prince, Lionel Richie, Etta James, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder for young Ty and experienced instant results when the two-year-old began reciting the lyrics, rhythms and melodies back to his parents.

Having bolstered so many personal victories and awards in just 12 years, Ty Waters has everything that he wants this Christmas and will no doubt become a household name over the next few years.