Vancouver Folk Music Festival 2014 – Sunday – Day 3

Calm laps of Pacific waves are usually all you’ll hear when you walk along Jericho Beach; but if you’re among those of us that spent the last three days wondering from stage to stage, you would know that during July 17­th–20th the scene is an entirely different audible experience.

Looking back on the 27th annual event, it’s clear that while live musical performance is undeniably the main draw, Vancouver Folk Fest is truly about so much more.

Much to my surprise, my favourite part of the weekend wasn’t any particular band, workshop, vendor, or food truck. It was the communal spirit created by people from all walks of life, who came together to appreciate art.

Our shared love for music, dancing, food, drinks, and nature bred inspiration throughout the festival grounds, something that will continue to live on long after the final tent is packed away.

I’ll take that serene walk across Jericho Beach soon, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy the stunning views and tranquil sounds of the ocean. But a sentiment of the weekend will be in my thoughts, and I’ll forever think on it with great appreciation.

Until next year, folks!

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