“VCBW”: Been noticing an extra hop in everyone’s step lately?

Photo by Jacyntha Cassidy

Been feeling a little bit groovier? A little more original? A little more straight-up G than you have ever felt before?

It may just come down to the delicious experience of being on the cusp of summer, but all the more likely it’s just Vancouver falling into the groove of Vancouver Craft Beer Week.

What is Vancouver craft beer week you ask?
Well, when you take our lovely city (Vancouver) and showcase one of its greatest talents (craft beer) and give it a hip-hop spin (because we’re pretty fly) you get VCBW.
The whole event is exactly as good as it sounds: a whole whack of the west coast’s greatest breweries getting together and showcasing their goods in Vancouver’s favorite bars. Whether you’re into dive bars or clubs, the important thing is that they have delicious beer, and they have it all.

The first three days have come and gone in a beer-wave of hip-hop, hop hops, and session sessions that welcome you in with warm arms and cold beer, and send you home with tasting glasses and more SWAG than any event has the right to have.

VCBW kicked off at Gossip Night club on Friday night where the Peak and twenty-two of their brewery friends (including Bridge, 33 Acres, Phillips, Hoyne, Parallel 49, Scandal, Steamworks, Red Truck, Big Rock, Steel & Oak, Spinnakers, Driftwood, Prohibition, R&B, Four Winds, Bomber, Ninkasi, Main Street, Deep Cove, Moon Under Water, and White Rock Beach) and set up their various kegs at four stations throughout the nightclub and spent the evening pouring unlimited samples of their greatest works into complimentary tasting glasses that went down real nice.