Will This Be A Naughtier Taboo Than What You’re Used To?

Army Of Sass

With 2017 approaching faster than Santa’s Ho ho ho’s, Vancouver is reminded that toys around the holiday season aren’t exclusive to just children. If one of your resolutions was to shed some of that excess stress, then Taboo may be for you.

Priding themselves on appealing to everyone from the tantra-timid to the sexually-salacious, Taboo is once again setting up their girthy shop at the Vancouver Convention Centre (East Hall).

As with every year at Taboo, the promotion of educationally-based sound decision-making is high on the list of promoters and vendors alike. Facilitating much of the education for the weekend is notable Dr. Teesha Morgan. Dr. Morgan will step into the role of sex educator by “holding sex-formative, sex-positive, and sex-citing” seminars from Friday – Sunday.

With the Canwest Productions brass recognizing that the annual show was teetering on ‘interchangeable’ from year-to-year, Taboo has taken an unabashed approach to their 16th consecutive year in the city. Sure, many of the mainstays like The Taboo Dungeon and Symone Says will be once again gracing the Convention Centre floor, however, with this year comes the addition of that word that so many singles in Vancouver either revel in, or are put off by, “options”. And while the ropes that Boss Bondage will be demonstrating with are not for the swinging, the sassy new approach to the entertainment at Taboo should be enough to get everybody on the floor dancing.


Speaking of segues, The Army Of Sass will be performing their brand of ‘heels’ dancing, showcasing the dramatic surge in popularity across the nation. Having gone from a mere 12 woman infantry, in just a few short years the Army Of Sass now has over 800 students with 21 locations across our home and native land. Lead by co-owner Vanessa Young of the Vancouver chapter, The Army of Sass community gives women a confidence rarely found in traditional dance programs.

If confident and sassy floor dancers in heels is not your speed, or perhaps you just like your dancers to be more erotic, you’re in luck. Hailing from the exotic and far-reaching land of Edmonton, Alberta is a group of strapping gents happy to free you from the frigid Canadian winter, and warm you up with a little Body Heat.

Body Heat
Body Heat

Dubbed “The ultimate lady’s night show” (it’s odd because there is nary a lady in the show), Body Heat boasts of having a male member up for the task of carrying out “every female fantasy” and bringing her “wildest dreams to reality”.

Tantra Fitness
Tantra Fitness

Tantra Fitness is once again on-hand, but upping the ante this year by putting together a competition that gets hotter as the weekend progresses. Vying for the title of Miss Pole Dance Taboo, Tantra Fitness has professional dancers flying in from around the world to show you their skills and at the chance to be recognized as the hottest pole dancer in the hemisphere.

Ava Fitness
Ava Fitness

Ava Fitness is also in a different role than in year’s past. Gone are the days of yesteryear when Ava Fitness made the fool-hearted choice of teaching the awkward laymen some introductory pole dancing techniques on the showroom floor (*clears throat*). 2017’s version of Taboo: Naughty But Nice Sex Show sees Ava Fitness going into full-on entertainment mode with a showcase of their Dance-Metal program. Ava Fitness’ Dance-Metal exhibition takes traditional pole-dancing techniques and melds them with acrobatics and gymnastics for a full body workout.

Brent Ray Fraser
Brent Ray Fraser

Perhaps the visual art gets you off…the couch? If so, Vancouver-based Brent Ray Fraser may appeal to your senses. If the name does not ring a bell, the artist currently traveling the world making appearances on France Has Got Talent, Revue Magazine in Luxemburg, Out Magazine, Vice Montreal, and Britain’s Attitude among a plethora of others has embraced his legacy painting with an unconventional choice of brush, his penis.
Once told he would get nowhere in life playing with that thing, Fraser’s trophy case has been overflowing for years. Fraser was bestowed the Premier of Canada Award of Excellence for Artistic Achievement, in the same year that he received the Province of British Columbia Award of Excellence for Artistic Achievement.

More recently Fraser was recognized a GuySpy Man of the Month recipient in New York City. However, Fraser may be best remembered for his role in the Real House Wives of Vancouver, season two.

Vancouver-born adult entertainment starlet Samantha Mack will be at Taboo 2017 to bestow the virtues of her virtual reality adult entertainment company, HoloGirlsVR. Known for her largely tattooed chest, Mack will be showing off the even larger asset that is the latest trend in adult entertainment, virtual reality fulfillment. With HoloGirl models in the VR sets as alluring as Mack’s protege Victoria, the next advancement in adult entertainment is looking good; really, really good.

Victoria and Samantha Mack
Victoria and Samantha Mack | Photo by Victoria

And just like Vanessa Williams, we saved the best for last.

Back for a second year is the interactive segment that is open to the public all weekend long, Got Ass. Named after the popular milk ads, Got Ass takes a healthy position by posing the question that long keeps us up at night, Got Ass?

If you think you have a posterior, and would like it confirmed by a jury of your peers, get the attention of the Got Ass brass while on the showroom floor. When the time is right, you alongside other cuties affirming their booties will get on stage. When your number is called, twerk-it like you’ll get out of work with it, and if your ass gets got (as voted by the crowd) during Saturday night’s Got Ass you will win a round trip to Mexico; where your ass will just be so-so.

Rustic Rogue | Photo by Danielle Bloss
Rustic Rogue | Photo by Danielle Bloss

With exciting new vendors like San Francisco turn recently local fashion design company Rustic Rogue Design bringing in owner Christina’s line of corsetry, leatherwork, and kink-wear, Taboo is shaping up to have it’s freshest show to date.

Nobody better than the Taboo: Naughty But Nice Sex Show to bring you up on all of the hottest trends and latest kinks going on in your neighbour’s bedroom.

Taboo: Naughty But Nice Sex Show
Vancouver Convention Centre East Hall
February 03-05, 2017
Saturday: Noon-Midnight
Sunday: Noon-18:00

Tickets available: HERE

Or at tabooshow.com