Zeds Dead Takes Vancouver Back to Their Bass-Heavy Electro World

Zeds Dead Press Photo 2014Dubstep reaching mainstream success has gotten many DJs experimenting with the wobble bass. Some will leave you in awe, but unfortunately, most will grate on your ear. Hearing many bad dubstep remixes on the radio, clubs, commercials, etc. is giving this genre a bad name, but when great acts like Zeds Dead come into the scene, you’ll immediately know what dubstep is all about.

Electronic duo DC and Hooks, otherwise known as Zeds Dead, dropped some pretty sick beats at the Commodore last Saturday. If you’re in the know of what’s happening in the electronic/dubstep/glitch world, then you’re already familiar with these Toronto-based DJs. Armed with their impressive genre-bending, bass-heavy beats, Zeds Dead quickly separated themselves from the pack and put themselves up there on the roster of heavy hitters, so it’s no surprise that this duo has already accumulated a legion of followers.

The Commodore opened its doors at 9 PM, welcoming ravers, bassheads, and electronic fans. The first two DJs played some Top 40 remixes to keep the small crowd entertained, but the opening DJ right before Zeds Dead has made an obvious impact on the growing crowd. The dance floor started to thump, and with those sweet drum ‘n’ bass tracks the DJ played later on in his set, it was the perfect starter for what lies ahead for the night.

With the crowd already pumped by the music, Zeds Dead finally got onstage and started to prove to Vancouver again and again what they’re known for – putting together a superb show. Hooks and DC played songs from their well-known compilations such as Victor, Hot Sauce, and Adrenaline. Their collaborative work with rapper Omar Linx shone through with songs like “Coffee Break” and “Jackie Boy”, adding a taste of upbeat hip-hop to the mix. Of course, Zeds Dead wouldn’t end the night without satisfying the crowd with songs that put them on the map, “Rudeboy” and “White Satin”.

You can’t dismiss the certain subculture that usually populates electronic shows, usually clad in spirit hoods, fluffy rave boots, and with clear signs of intoxication. But being an outsider of this subculture, there is a strong understanding between “them and us,” and that is good music. Even if you’re not a fan, you can’t go to a Zeds Dead show without bopping your head to their unique electronic stylings. It is apparent that these guys have the power to make you dance until they drop their last beat.

It is very easy to fully appreciate the show in its entirety. The energy of Hooks and DC and the trippy visuals during the show added more to the great vibe their music was providing, almost reaching sensory overload, but in a good way. What these guys are delivering is a music-high that will easily take you out of reality and plunge you into a euphoric electro-world that is hard to say goodbye to.

Zeds Dead definitely has it. If you like dancing to hard beats, this talented twosome is a must-see. Just make sure your wear your dancing shoes and have the energy to last you through their whole show.

Gian Karla Limcangco

Gian Karla Limcangco