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Kodak to Graph @ Fortune Sound Club
Apr 25 @ 7:00 pm – Apr 26 @ 10:30 pm

kodakPresented by BlueprintLIVE
Saturday April 25 2015 at Fortune





OBESØN (Toronto)

Saturday, April 25th

147 E Pender St. Vancouver
19+ with valid ID
Doors at 7pm

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Hardcopies available at Red Cat and Zulu Records

• About Kodak To Graph •
Allured by the pulsing incantations of cassette grain & VHS blips, live instrumentation and other found sound, Kodak To Graph’s Michael Maleki (22) delicately floats listeners through blooming clouds of synth-washes, haunting reverberations, and propulsive rhythms. Maleki’s candle-waxed R&B & flower-trailed soundscapes weave together the nostalgic tones and colors reminiscent of a quiet childhood with the urban bounce and rhythmic disposition of the more modern spirit.


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Liturgy @ Electric Owl
Apr 27 @ 8:00 pm


With Special Guests
Monday, April 27, 2015
Electric Owl, Vancouver, BC
Doors: 8:00 PM / Show: 9:00 PM
Advance tickets $13 (plus appl. s/c)
Available online, Red? C?at?, Zulu and Scrape?
Age Limit: 19+/No Minors


On Sale Friday February 13th, 2015 at 10am!

Brooklyn-based, Metal band on tour with their original lineup to support their new release “The Ark Work”.


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Lady Lamb The Beekeeper @ Electric Owl
Apr 28 @ 9:00 pm


With Special Guests
Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Electric Owl, Vancouver, BC
Doors: 8:00 PM / Show: 9:00 PM
Advance tickets $12 (plus appl. s/c)
Available online, Red Cat and Zulu
Age Limit: 19+/No Minors

On Sale Now!

American singer-songwriter, on tour to support her latest release “After”.


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Young Fathers @ Fortune Sound Club
Apr 30 @ 9:00 pm

youngPresented by Blueprint Live
Thursday April 30 2015 at Fortune



with guests

Thursday April 30th
Fortune Sound Club
147 East Pender Street. Vancouver
Doors 9pm / 19+

Young Fathers are DEAD. Or, rather, DEAD is Young Fathers. Their first full-length album, released in February, 2014, on Anticon and Big Dada has been given the kind of critical appraisal normally held hidden in the filing cabinets of dusty music journos and only brought out, along with the bottle of fine blended whisky for those special occasions, those special rock occasions. You know the kind, when a credible bunch of guitar, bass and drum twenty-somethings from some northern town in the UK or from Indianapolis USA put something together in the studio that reaches out and reminds everyone that modern life isn’t rubbish. Which is a weird reaction for a group who sit in some non-categorisable space between genres ancient and modern, who take hiphop and pop and dip it in a tie-dye mix of Ronnettes and krautrock and ragga and dub and post-punk and afropsych… and make something, something, something.

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Matt Pond PA @ VENUE
May 1 @ 7:00 pm – 10:30 pm

pondPresented by blueprintLIVE
Friday May 1 2015 at Venue




YOUNG BUFFALO (Mississippi)

Friday, May 1st

881 Granville St
19+ with valid ID
Doors at 7pm

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Hardcopies available at Red Cat and Zulu Records

• About Matt Pond PA •

It’s a complicated quest, trying to pin down all the different sides that make up Matt Pond PA, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. They have always defied conventional descriptions; perhaps the only way to make sense of it all is to bring the band’s past and future together as one, to let them meet and shake hands.

That’s precisely what they’ve spent the last year chasing. The 10 Year Anniversary Tour of Emblems allowed fans old and new to experience the entire critically acclaimed album from start to end. But it wasn’t just about homage. The tour coincided with a successful Pledge campaign to support the making of their new album, The State of Gold. The new album has the same Matt Pond PA feel that fans know and love, but there’s also an exciting level of experimentation—new sounds and compositions that take things to a different, wilder place.

The upcoming year will follow the same path as the last. The band is planning a 10 Year Anniversary Tour in support of another one of their most beloved albums, Several Arrows Later, as well as releasing The State of Gold to the masses.

The man behind it all, Matt Pond, continues to defy the labels placed on him. Ever-restless and searching, no matter where he is writing from, the music holds one commonality across every album and song—it’s all an effort to communicate. Both in the lyrics and arrangements he creates there is a desire to connect the cognitive harmonies that exist between everyone.

There isn’t a person alive who can escape stumbling over a tree root every now and then. But Matt Pond continues to believe, in music and in people. He knows that accompaniment is key, and in many ways, is the core of what he does. His name on the marquee shouldn’t overshadow the likes of Chris Hansen, Tierney Tough or Shawn Alpay, the band’s current core. And names from the past deserve homage as well, like Jim Hostetter, Eve Miller, Mike Kennedy, Brian Pearl, Dan Crowell, Steven Jewett, Josh Kramer, Dan Ford and so many more. These people have participated in different configurations over the life of the band, but they are still vital to maintaining Matt Pond PA’s place as one of the most unique and prolific bands that exist today.


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Psynthesis @ The Waldorf
May 1 @ 10:00 pm

psynLiquid Sun Productions


Liquid Sun Productions is bringing you our second event Psynthesis, after the psychedelia caused by “Cosmic Psynergy”, “Psynthesis” is meant to bring you another psychedelic adventure, one that is going to be fueled by the spirit of the Psytrance community!

Our mission is to bring together Vancouver’s psychedelic trance community and work together to make Vancouver a psychedelic hotspot! Thanks to the community’s support so far, we have managed to bring together Vancouver’s top talents to create the most psychedelic gathering. So come down and continue supporting us and let us all shine together as the most amazing community that we are!

If you missed COSMIC PSYNERGY, you dont want to MISS OUT on this one!!!

More Line up of Vancouver’s best Psytrance Djs!!!

More of Vancouver’s Top Talented Performers!!!

More Lasers!!! More Visuals!! More Psychedelic Goodness!!

More Exciting Features!!!

STAY TUNED for more exciting information on this event!

Its going to be a nice trip

Britt Arsenist – Fire/LED dancer – Flow Toys

Cortney Sylvestre – LED Flow

Celina Serotonin Blacklight Art & Entertainment
Celina Serotonin started painting in 2013, at first as a pastime, & then as an unintentional full time job. She usually paints large sized paintings with fluorescent acrylic paint, & displays & mails them all over Canada. She has hung her paintings up at music festivals such as Shambhala Music Festival, & shows such as Infected Mushroom, Neelix & Mat The Alien. She also helped decorate Organix, a weekly psytrance club night, for two years.

Dilly D. Dialogue – Psytrance

Inspired by the mixing styles of Dj Sasha, John Digweed, Sodium Glow, Hadean, Owen420, Ursula 1000, Stylust Beats Dilly played his first show for NYE 2012. Since moving to Vancouver, Dilly has been active in Psytrance and Bass-related events in and around Vancouver. Blending techtrance, progressive psytrance, suomisaundi, hitech, bassline house, deep house, dubstep, electro house, tech house, trap, garage, and speed garage Dilly D performs beat-based interlocution and thematic song arcs to engage with dancers. Working with mixing and blending tracks across tempos and genres with the help of loops and production stems. Dilly has made appearances at Valhalla, Organix @ 560 Taste Lounge, Down To Funk Thursdays @ Lux Lounge, The Bassment Sessions @ Ignite Smokeshop.


I began mixing in 2006, shortly after attending Goa Gil in Chile. After a year on the decks I was able to start playing live, doing various shows in Chile, including the first Monte Mapu festival. From there I have played in Squamish, BC at Alluvium, a prime slot at Vancouver’s Halloween in 2012, Dark Love in Guatemala and rocked it at Monte Mapu again in 2013.

My style ranges from funky Dark Psytrance to HighTech and then Psycore. Bigger, Better, Crazier, Faster! Go all the way, fire up your neurons, break in your stomping legs and get ready to enjoy, The Mad Jester Is Here!

Smiley Mike

Dj Smiley Mike was the name given to me by the late 90s underground trance scene in and around Vancouver. By the time I started to DJ in ’94, I had already been frequenting Vancouver’s underground warehouse parties for a few years. Just as it was back then, I have a fierce passion for EDM and especially trance.

In the mid-to-late 90s I became involved with a group loosely known as The Spirit Circle, DJing at various underground parties and outdoor gatherings, many of which were set up in the forests around Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton. My musical taste covered a broad range of trance, but my favourite style is still that middle ground where driving hard, acid-lined trance meets with epic breakdowns and builds.

Goa Pete

Dj Goa Pete is originally from India, currently based in Vancouver, Canada. Pete is a label Dj for Alchemy Records and promoter for “Goa Trance Mission”, where he organizes indoor parties in Vancouver and an outdoor festival “KARMA”, which is essentially a Goa & Progressive trance dance gathering held in Vancouver, Canada.

Pete visited Goa for the first time in 1989, this became a yearly ritual for him. Visiting Goa for many seasons and hanging out at the Goa parties eventually changed his life completely. His passion for music grew with him and he embarked upon a quest, eventually moving to Goa with his equipment and taking up a guest house on the beaches of Goa and making parties.

In 2001, Pete moved from Goa to Vancouver, hence he became famous as “Goa Pete”. With blissed and relaxed energy on stage, Pete has captivated party goers with his track selection. His sets are very uplifting that have no limits or boundaries delivering pure trance experiences to the dance floors, elevating there consciousness to a state of unity. Enjoy the beautiful art of sonic alchemy.

Andy Kaos


British Columbia serves home to three nineteen year olds; an inspiring, trance-influenced electro house trio, known to the world as GlideForm. Made up of melodic house producer, Harris McDonald, rising prodigy Caydin Sitinjak and trance-mega, Devin Belanger, the trio began producing in late 2011, with a dream for the world to hear their music. Over 2 years later, still strong, GlideForm has just begun the streak of things to come. In late 2012, GlideForm received a deal with Soviet Recordings for their tracks, Lights Go Out & Cancun. Few months down the road, they would also receive a deal from Big Finale Recordings for their track, Reborn; however, things would only just begin to change soon.In mid-2013, Ordinance Records found GlideForm, and the rest would be glorious from there. GlideForm would suit up with their release, Fake ID, alongside Vancouver brother, Aesthetik. This release gained support from Big Fishs Ryan Enzed & more. Shortly hereafter, GlideForm would be picked up on Finale Management, the new booking & management agency from Atlanta, Georgia & Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, soaring bookings and deals for GlideForm, and Harris & Devin individually for the rest of their future. Whats expected for GlideForm in the upcoming months? New huge releases, amazing shows, & so much more. Keep on the look out!


Dj Zero Disbelief

Born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a central hub where many cultures collide, this is where his infatuation with music began. At an early age he started collecting and cataloguing music of his tastes and was known to always be fused with his headphones, listening to something new, something different. His life changed when he discovered electronic dance music, especially the genre of Progressive Trance, in this sound he heard something calling.

With his unique mixing skills his sets inspire and make his listeners melt away. He calls his style of mixing palpable atmospheric intuitive style, which puts tracks together in a way where people get uplifted by the feeling of constant rise of emotion and began to crave for more.

He is a leader in the Vancouver club / rave scene, and has opened for some of the worlds top performers such as Cosmic Gate, DJ Dean, Andy Whitby, Dark By Design, Kidd Kaos, Kamui, Mat Zo, Jochen Miller, Protoculture, Orjan Nilsen, John O’ Callaghan, Nadia Ali, Christina Novelli, Markus Schulz and many more to come! Truly Uzair Hassan is a celebrated professional who is sought after because he always leaves the crowd wanting more.

Britt Arsenist – Fire/LED dancer – Flow Toys

Cortney Sylvestre – LED Flow

Celina Serotonin Blacklight Art & Entertainment
Celina Serotonin started painting in 2013, at first as a pastime, & then as an unintentional full time job. She usually paints large sized paintings with fluorescent acrylic paint, & displays & mails them all over Canada. She has hung her paintings up at music festivals such as Shambhala Music Festival, & shows such as Infected Mushroom, Neelix & Mat The Alien. She also helped decorate Organix, a weekly psytrance club night, for two years.

At The Waldorf: Tabu/Hideaway
1489 East Hastings Street

Advanced (Limited to 75) – $15 / At The Door – $20


Tickets: Here

LCAW @ Electric Owl
May 1 @ 10:30 pm


?With Guests ?Pat Lok Wmnstudies
Friday, May 1, 2015
Electric Owl, Vancouver, BC
Doors: 10:30 PM / Show: 10:30 PM
Advance tickets $15 (plus appl. s/c)
Available online, Red Cat, Zulu and Beatstreet
Age Limit: 19+/No Minors

?On Sale Now!

?From Munich, Deep House producer and DJ.?


Tickets: Here

Top Men, Kendall Patrick, And the Headless Bettys @ The Waldorf
May 2 @ 7:00 pm

headlessMagnetized productions presents: Top Men, Kendall Patrick and The Headless Bettys with Dante Hadden at The Waldorf , 1489 East Hastings, Vancouver, BC. Doors @ 7pm, Show 7:30. Tickets are 10$ in advance or 13$ at the door.


Tickets: Here

OneRepublic w/ Lights @ Rogers Arena
May 2 @ 7:30 pm



Doors: 6:30PM Show: 7:30PM



Tickets: Here

Waxahatchee @ Biltmore Cabaret
May 2 @ 8:00 pm


With Guests GIRLPOOL
Saturday, May 2, 2015
The Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver, BC
Doors: 8:00 PM / Show: 9:00 PM
Advance tickets $14 (plus appl. s/c)
Available online, Red Cat, Zulu? and? Highlife
Age Limit: 19+/No Minors


?On Sale Friday January 16th, 2015? ?at 10am PST!

Early Show:? ??Doors 8:00pm, Show 9:00pm, End 11:00pm

From Brooklyn, pop singer-songwriter on tour to support her upcoming release “Ivy Trip?p?” out April 7th on Merge Records.


Tickets: Here

Sneijder & Solid Stone @ Prive Nightclub
May 2 @ 10:00 pm

solidBridging The Gap – Music & Priv Nightclub Vancouver present:

SNEIJDER [Ireland] + SOLID STONE [Canada]
Saturday May 2, 2015
Priv Nightclub | 750 Pacific Blvd | Doors Open 10pm

Armada | Vandit | Subculture | Black Hole Recordings | |

Tipped in DJ mag by John O’Callaghan, ”Im tipping this guy to be massive” and praised by trance legend Paul van Dyk ”An extremely exciting talent” Sneijder has not disappointed. Traveling the world on a regular basis and featuring on the same lineups as the worlds best, it didn’t take the Irish DJ/Producer long to become one of the most talked about prospects on the scene. Now a regular fixture on all the top name playlists, Sneijder continues to go from strength to strength. Gaining heavy support his sound global.

Known for his trademark sound, a fusion of uplifting and tech trance, Sneijder is fast becoming one of the most in demand artists in the trance scene. Already notching up an impressive 4 Beatport top tens and featuring on countless compilation albums such as ‘Armin van Buuren – A State Of Trance 2013? ‘John O’Callaghans Subculture’ ‘Gatecrasher Anthems Mixed by Paul van Dyk’ ‘ATB In The Mix’ ‘The Official ASOT550 CD’ & more. Completing a series of chart topping remixes for Armin van Buuren, John O’Callaghan, Solarstone, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Betsie Larkin & Andain, has put the Sneijder name firmly amongst the worlds trance elite. Playing all over the globe each week to thousands of fans in countries such as Australia, Argentina, UK, Scotland, Ireland, Egypt, Poland. Spain, USA, Mexico, Canada & featuring at the worlds largest trance event, ASOT600 Den Bosch, Holland.

It all started as a 13year old bedroom DJ, playing Dutch hardcore and travelling to Holland on a regular basis to buy exclusive records. It was while on these trips his passion for dance music grew and became an obsession. Over the years his sound progressed and moved into more psy/hard trance around 1996 and then in 1999 he fell in love with uplifting trance. Playing at various clubs and events in Ireland for some years and also being nominated for ‘Best New DJ’ in the ‘N.Ireland Dance Music Awards’, Sneijder’s passion for music was clear from the start.

Spending some time as a club DJ, it wasn’t until 2009 that Sneijder decided to learn the art of music production; it was a decision that would change things forever. After only 4 months producing he made his debut track ‘The Phuture’ which received support from Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, John O’Callaghan, Eddie Halliwell & more .. Later that year Sneijder completed his first uplifting trance track ‘Away From Here’, it was quickly snapped up by Paul van Dyk’s Vandit imprint and was one of the most talked about tracks of the year, and has featured on no less than 15 major compilations to date. Soon after a string of hits followed, which put his name firmly amongst the A-Listers of trance. Over the last few years Sneijder has built up an impressive back catalogue of tracks and remixes on labels such as Armada, Black Hole, Subculture, Kearnage, Spinnin, FSOE, Vandit and also features in every major DJ’s record box’s and radioshow’s on a weekly basis.

With an ever growing loyal online fan base Sneijder showcases his music to his fans via his monthly radioshow ‘Distant World’, aired on Afterhours.FM & his monthly podcast, titled ‘The Sneijder Podcast’ available via iTunes. Both portals keep his fans and followers up to date with all his recorded sets, exclusive studio material and music which is currently featuring in his live performances.

Sneijder plays a blend of uplifting & tech trance and has been described by many as an extremely versatile dj who can play across the board, this shines through in both his dj sets and in his studio productions. If you haven’t heard the Sneijder sound yet, it won’t be long until you do !

Solid Stone
Re*Brand | Armada | Enhanced |

The Solid Stone project started back in early 2010, behind it the Canadian producer started to make his mark. His very first releases were already supported by likes of Above and Beyond, Markus Schulz to name a few. After he was settled in with his own sound, it became clear that Solid Stone would be a name to look out for in the near future.

Having almost all of his recent productions championed by Armin Van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Max Graham and pretty much all of the Trance elite, Solid Stone is making some real waves over the past year, showing how promising he really is and looks set for a huge future!

With Support from:

Memory Loss


Dj Giles Bjerke

More information on Bridging The Gap – Music:

Early Bird: $20
Regular: $25
Late Bird: $30

Available Online: Here


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