Vancouver workout spots make choosing your fitness regiment easy

Living in a city means having to choose from a large collection of options at every turn: which coffee shop to go to, which concert to see, what modes of transportation to take, what shopping districts to visit. This is especially true when joining a gym or choosing a fitness plan. Vancouver is home to many studios that cater to every type of Vancouverite in whatever financial or health situation they may be in. Whether you are a business professional on the move and in need of a quick workout, struggling with injuries, looking for a low impact entry into the world of fitness, or training for a new experience, there is a fitness studio for you.

Innovative Fitness

Highly seasoned and experienced—having served twenty-one years in the business—Innovative Fitness offers the utmost quality for those serious about their health, their career and their fitness education. The Kitsilano location is boutique-oriented, providing a high end and polished experience for members.

“Our members are people that are pretty far along in their careers and established in their life and have disposable income to really invest in their health,” said representative Lee Cassells. “For us personal training is just one part of the puzzle and just one piece of our members’ healthy lifestyle. We really want to make sure that they are committed and focused on being healthy, and the personal training plays a big role in helping set up their habits in being active in their everyday life and having the right nutritional habits while finding time to really think about spirituality as well as their mental health.”


Innovative Fitness offers a free consultation for first time visitors and works as a fitness location for those who want a long-term commitment.  Members are placed with coaches based on personality profiles, they will cater to their members’ fitness needs at any point in life; whether it be training for a specific experience, trip, or focusing on personal life goals. The facility does not aim to just help members, but also their coaches and goals.

“We really fight for regulations within the industry to make sure that personal trainers are held to a very high standard,” said Cassells. “We are always supporting any certification and education for our trainers as well as for the industry as a whole. We really want personal training to be filled with the best and brightest people in the industry because it is impacting people and their lives. If you have someone who isn’t properly educated you can really set a client up for failure, permanently injure them or just really turn them off living a healthy lifestyle because of a bad experience.”

Kalev Fitness

An all-in-one Executive Gym located in Gastown, Kalev Fitness is perfect for the urban Vancouverite who wants to see real results. Featuring personal training, small group classes like Xxtreme Abs, Spin, Boot Camp, Kickboxing, nutrition and HIIT training, Kalev gives clients well rounded choices and the guidance to find the best health regiments for their daily lives. Instead of working with only one trainer, clients have a team of specialists available to them, each an expert in a specific aspect of the client’s specially selected fitness program; with nutrition experts, cardio specialists and weight-training specialists, clients get a well-rounded and focused push to their goals.

Kalev Fitness is about the one-on-one feel and clients getting what they want when they want it,” said owner Kalev. “We’re really focused on the passion of getting clients fit and moving them towards their goals. Personal training is our meat and bread. Usually it’s working professionals between thirty-five and sixty: dentist, doctor, lawyer, business owner…an individual who just wants to take that next step towards their goals and wants some professional guidance.”


Kalev Fitness covers active rehab and nutrition as well, keeping their demographic open to everyone and anyone with any kinds of fitness needs.

“Nutrition is a huge, huge part of weight loss. We want to provide support for our clients to make sure that their nutrition is in line with their fitness,” said Kalev. “We know that most of the time people don’t want to eat better. The client’s goals are helped along by experts in that field, making achieving them easier. Come in to Kalev Fitness to experience our Executive Week Pass, where you can get a taste of ALL we do!”

HIIT Fitness

For those who think they have no time for working out due to work and family and generally packed schedules, HIIT Fitness offers powerful 30-minute intensive workouts in the most convenient way possible. Whether you want the personal trainer to come straight to your home or work place, or take a downtown Vancouver in-gym class, the program takes away the “no time” excuse and makes you sweat.

“Mainly we are targeting the working professional,” said HIIT Fitness creator and trainer Tara King. “Someone who has kids and is working nine to five and does not have a lot of time for a workout. The most common excuse I hear is ‘I don’t have enough time.’ But if you have thirty minutes to watch your favourite sitcom on TV then you have thirty minutes to finish a workout.”

HIIT Fitness

Whether you have experienced HIIT Fitness through one of their corporate classes, downtown studio classes or mobile personal training, HIIT’s circuits offer constantly changing exercises with differing levels of intensity, which make them both fun and pressure-free.

“We have a lot of fun in the classes,” said King. “They’re not intimidating. I know that other fitness environments can be quite competitive, and this can be a turn-off for some people. HIIT Fitness is not that. It’s very inviting and there’s not a lot of pressure put on you. I want people to have a lot of fun while they’re working out so that they don’t give up and they get to see results.”

Seacity Fitness

A group style fitness studio located in the heart of downtown Vancouver that offers nine specialty classes, all with a special twist you will only find at Seacity. Despite being low-impact, the facility is high-intensity in its regiment offering training using fitness fused pilates, kettle bells, suspension training, heavy bag boxing, a mini trampoline, resistance based yoga and high intensity interval training using air assault bikes. Unique in design and perfect for keeping things fresh and fun, Seacity Fitness aims to be an all-in-one ‘boutique style’ haven that provides numerous different aspects of fitness while giving clients a feeling of community and comfort.


“We are trying to be more of a well-rounded studio, offering people not just fitness but more support such as rehab classes to prevent and heal injuries, nutrition programs, childcare, and monthly workshops to reach their goals,” says representative Jackie Lede.

“We cater best to early mornings, evenings and weekends for professionals that do the nine to five. We also have childcare at our 9:30 am classes, Monday to Friday for [those] who want to work out and be part of a community.”

With first time free drop-ins, affordable rates, nutrition programs and an inclusive environment, Seacity Fitness caters nicely to beginners and those who are looking to take their fitness to the next level.

“We have a lot of beginners and our teachers are really good at being able to modify the classes,” said Lede. “We have small classes and one-on-one attention to make sure clients are doing their workouts correctly.”

All classes at Seacity offer different elements of fitness that are important to provide clients with a well rounded fitness regime and body, and are exclusively led by master instructors that specialize in what they teach. This gives the studio the same quality of instruction that would be available for members of a studio that offers only one type of fitness.

This article is sponsored by Innovative Fitness, HIIT Fitness, Kalev Fitness, and Seacity Fitness.

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