Japanther “Something To Do”

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A graffito-tagged hodgepodge of animations splatter across the first few seconds of Japanther’s video for “Something To Do”. The crude little cartoons, like the ones found all over Japanther’s art, merchandise and promo material, leap to life as a ball bounces over lyrics that are drawn into the shapes of the things they represent: a dumpling, a schoolhouse, a smiley face-emblazoned Statue of Liberty shooting a can of spray-paint. Black and white footage minced into delayed little servings captures the high positive energy of Japanther’s live shows; we can jump into and topple over each other, and it can all just be in good fun.

“Something To Do” is simple and done on the cheap, just like the macaroni and cheese and sandwich shop creations Japanther sing about here (although, the band are actually advocates of healthy eating). Fast, convenient and, most importantly, it leaves more time for skateboarding to the beach and rooftop parties. There’s always something to do when you’re kickin’ it with Japanther.

Leslie Ken Chu

Leslie Ken Chu