Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, but it’s definitely not too late to plan something phenomenal. When you’re planning a Valentine’s date, you’ll definitely want to plan something memorable and special. Your date won’t be disappointed as long as you put thought into it, so don’t assume you have to go to a fancy restaurant.

We used the new Vancouver-based dating app SuperDate to get some amazing date ideas just in time for February 14th. A SuperDate is a unique, fun, exciting and unforgettable date that refuses to be mediocre or average. The SuperDate app is bringing back the real date and encouraging amazing real life experiences.

It goes without saying that we could all benefit from going on more SuperDates. Our generation is hungry for real connections and memorable experiences, and going on a SuperDate is what’s needed to build a true connection because unremarkable dates simply aren’t memorable or special.

Since Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to plan a SuperDate, here are 5 awesome date ideas to make sure February 14th is an unforgettable evening:

  1. A gourmet outdoor dinner for two at your favourite beach

Are you stressed out because getting a reservation at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day seems impossible? Why not plan an outdoor dinner for two at your favourite park or your favourite beach? This is an awesome date idea, so I’d suggest investing in a portable outdoor table and chairs set from Canadian Tire, buying a nice tablecloth, and grab some of those cute flameless candles from the dollar store. Tell your date to dress warmly, grab a couple of blankets, and fill your thermos with coffee and Baileys or hot chocolate. Set everything up complete with a table, chairs, a home-cooked meal and flameless candles. This way, you can surprise your date with the ultimate dinner for two with a view. Bonus tip: charge up your portable speakers so that you can play music at dinner.

  1. A snowshoe and spa package with Whistler tourism

There’s no landscape more romantic than that of the snow-covered trees in Whistler. Tourism Whistler offers some awesome packages that allow you to take advantage of the gorgeous snowshoe trails. Packages such as Snowshoe & Spa (a snowshoe excursion followed by a trip to the beautiful Scandinave spa to rejuvenate your muscles) or Snowshoe & PEAK 2 PEAK (a snowshoe trip followed by breathtaking views from Whistler’s PEAK 2 PEAK gondola) are ideal for couples.

  1. A unique restaurant followed by an improv comedy show

If you want to plan a more traditional date such as dinner and a show, choose a unique or special restaurant like the Shameful Tiki on Main Street, the Roof at Black and Blue or the Eatery in Kitsilano, and buy tickets for a cool show such as Vancouver Theatre Sports Improv. This is way more special than dinner and a movie!

  1. A walking tour or food tour of Gastown

Gastown’s mesmerizing street lamps and charismatic atmosphere does all the work for you when it comes to romance. There are plenty of walking tours in Gastown that you could book for your date that make for an amazing SuperDate. If there’s no availability on the 14th, you can always celebrate Valentine’s Day a day or two early. You could book the historical Lost Souls of Gastown walking tour or a wine-tasting or food tour in Gastown. Now that’s a fun and special date night!

  1. A sunset picnic at the peak of a beautiful hike

Another romantic outdoor date is a sunset picnic at the finish point of one of Vancouver’s beautiful hikes. The Lighthouse Park hike in West Vancouver is open year-round and the finish point is a great spot for a picnic at sunset, especially with that awesome view of the water and the lighthouse. Pack a bottle of wine, a blanket and some food to share while you take in the view with your Valentine.

  1. A rooftop dinner or a candlelit evening

Do you have a friend or family member who has access to a rooftop? Many of us have apartment buildings or even office buildings that allow tenants access to the rooftop. Even if access is closed on Sundays, often sweet-talking your landlord could grant you exclusive access to a private rooftop to set up an incredibly romantic dinner with a view. You could even just use your own balcony for this. Bonus tip: get string lights from Urban Outfitters to decorate the area and create a whimsical, enchanting atmosphere for your date. If you prefer to have dinner indoors, simply decorate your apartment with plenty of beautiful candles to create soft lighting, and wine and dine your date from the comfort of your own home. Anything that shows off your effort and thoughtfulness is ideal.